Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

April - November 2014:

Image of Okra from garden

A Big Gap:

Unfortunately, on the last day of February, this year, my computer expired. For various reasons it has taken me until mid November to buy a new laptop, install a Slackware 14.1 Linux operating system and start work on catching up on the work I was doing.
On the other hand, the garden has profited -because that is where I spent most of my time when not involved with the technical problems.

Much has changed in the garden -although the underlying system has remained basically the same.

Sleepy Cat
Dreaming of Goats?
Cat Sleeping in Goat Pen

Good Bye Dindin III

Images of dead pig

Fiestas are bad times for pigs -and San Roque's fiesta is mid August. Miss Piggy was bought to fatten up for my birthday feast in May -but she was so beautiful we decided to keep her for breeding. So, a week later we bought Dindin III. She is the third pig we have fattened -each one with the same name. 

In early May, we decided to save Dindin for fiesta. A short stay of execution, however, this time her luck did run out.

But we had meat in the fridge for a long time...... Penny's family too.

The ducks are nearly all grown up

Images of growing Muscovy ducks

......but the duck pond is now full of algae

Images of ducks and duck pond

....and the fish pond with fish

Images of fish pond

Penny and the new kids

Images of Penny with our two goats
(Snowball and Latte)
Latte is Buttercup's son. In order to prevent incest, we swapped his half-sister, Polly, for Snow-white. Buttercup was on loan (in exchange for a kid) -however, because she only has one kid at a time (instead of two normally) we paid off her owner when we gave her back -so we can keep her kids. The owner has now lent Buttercup out to Penny. Buttercup is now pregnant again. We are not sure about Snow-white yet. Terri wants to take care of Buttercup next.

Penny's patch is still growing

Imaardenges of Vegetable g
(Papaya, Beans and Eggplant)

Ube Patch too

Images of Ube (Purple Yam) patch
(Purple Yam -almost ready for Harvest)

 Edible plants growing under Trees

Images of plants gwowing under trees

Flower Patches too

Images of flowers growing under cococnut

with more Gardens near House

Images of flower gardens under trees

....and Miss Piggy a big girl now!

Images of adult pig

plus a Shy Survivor

Images of mother with one surviving chick from batch of
(last of a batch of five chicks)

27 November -A Stormy Night:

Morning Debris

Images of debris after night storm

Fallen Coconut tree

Images of coconut tree -fallen in the night storm

Fallen Papaya tree

Images of fallen Papaya tree with

Fallen Banana Trees

Images of Fallen Banana Trees

Typhoon Haiyan -One Year After

28 November -Back to Normal?

Newly tidied Vegetable Patches

Images of Vegetable Patches tidied up after storm
(T1 -T5)

Northern (Winter) Garden

Image of part of Northern Garden

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