Butlig's Operation

-for Umbilical Hernia:

June 14:

A Happy, Greedy, Piglet!

Images of piglet

June 21:

Images of piglet developing
            umbilical hernia

July 16:

Images of piglet with undiagnosed umbilical hernia

July 17:

Butlig has been diagnosed as having an umbilical hernia

Images of pig and hernia
Tomorrow the vet will come and operate

July 18:

First make the operating table

Image of construction of wooden sling
        to place pigley in for operation

Then catch the pig

Images of catching pig before operation

Put it on the table for examination

Images of piglet being examined before operation

Prepare the instruments

Images of instruments used for operatiopn on piglet

Make the patient comfortable

Image of pgilet on wooden sling -waiting for operation

Clean the area with soap and water

Images of piglet's belly being washed before operation

Liberally apply disinfectant

Images of dienfectant being applied to piglets belly
        before operation

Inject local anesthetic

Images of local anasthetic being injected into
            piglet before hernia operation

Make incision

Image of first incision to remove hernia in piglet

Afterwards, suture and bandage

Images of piglet being sutured after operation for
            umbilical hernia

Images of suturing and bandage after piglet
            operation for hernia

Note:  The details of the operation have not been shown because my camera batteries failed at the critical moment and my wife had been sent of on an errand, taking her camera with her

July 19:

Butlig seems ok after his operation

Images of piglet one day after
        umbilical hernia operation

20 July:

Butlig seems happy -but hungry

Images of piglet 2 days after
        operation for umbilical hernia

21 July:

But is it back again?

Images of piglet with recurring umbilical hernia

August 02:

Fully Recovered?

Images of piglet two weeks after
          umbilical hernia operation
Suture looks clean -and post-operative lump is almost gone

Note:  My daughter, who had a cat operated on for umbilical hernia, tells me that a post-op secondary lump is fairly normal after an umbilical hernia operation. Regarding  her cat: The lump started getting smaller after 10 days and disappeared entirely after 20 days. However, she was not told about this by the vet -until after the lump appeared and they were worried by it.

August 07:

But now it seems to be growing again

Images of piglet with suspected
              recurring mbilical hernia
Perhaps caused by (another) recent fall while playing

August 08:

Images of piglet with possibly recurring umbilical

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