Boar Brownie Gets Sold:

-12 March 2017:

Today we sold Boar Brownie (much too cheaply, I thought) to the AI man....

Images of tropical backyard boar
            being tied up for transport

The man brought two friends and a pick-up.... and asked if we had a crate to put Brownie in.... We told him we would walk Brownie to the truck.... They suggested putting a rope around one leg -just in case.... We'd done that earlier when he'd escaped and fought with Pinkie -so we agreed.

They made a lasso -and laid it on the ground by his foot. I called and rattled the food bucket so he stood in the lasso.... Then I threw some food in for Auntie Brownie to distract her and Fatima rattled the food bucket for BB... I opened the gate and he followed the food.... By the time I'd closed the gate Fatima had walked him to the truck....

Fatima went off and left me with BB and the guys.... They were messing about with his feet but he didn't care..... Then he ran out of food because they were too slow.... That's when he started screaming and struggling... I tried to find Fatima for more food -but she had abandoned us.... ;)

I tried to calm BB down while the three men Hog Tied him (literally).... Eventually, he calmed down a bit and the men finished and lifted him into the truck, tying him down.... Poor thing. The worst was, I thought Fatima had agreed with the guy that BB was for breeding -but he said he would castrate and fatten him.... I was quite upset. We hope he'll change his mind when he realises what a fantastic boar he now has.

In the meantime the neighbours had arrived to watch the fun.... Two nights earlier one of the neighbours had had a pig escape in the middle of the night.... Suddenly they were all inside our gate messing about on the ground, talking excitedly.... I thought something dramatic had happened -but apparently we had mushrooms growing inside the gate....

The truck left -and we shared out the mushrooms....

Images of tropical backyard pig
            being tied up and pot in a truck

Tomorrow morning, the workmen arrive to start replacing the roof.... We have a busy time ahead of us.....

We hope that Boar Brownie has left a pregnant gilt behind

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