(Self Awareness)

-What do we mean by "Awarenesss"?
      (sensing, storage and retrieval of "internal" states)
-What do we mean by "Self"?
      (how do we define "internal" and "external" -physically, mentally, socially, etc...)

  -Visible and Invisible Conceptual maps
        -if  "choice" is a fundamental concept, because it creates dialectic paramenters -then how are "choices" generated?

Trevor Batten
July 2006

Organic (Concious) Goedel-Einstein-Turing Time-Space Machines:

Basic Process:

  -get (sensory) data
  -calculate new move
  -move to new position
  -plot old position

Basic Space Operations:

  -Creating Space
  -Operating in or on Space (Space and Meta-Space)
  -Mapping between Spaces (interpertion)

       -dimension mapping/conversion
       -extrapolation (from point/image to space/process)

Relating Spaces:
          concious = organic = anti-entropic?
-Feedback is the basis for both concious and organic systems.

-Evolution from "awareness" to "inteligence" (creative problem solving?

-Choice is the basis for "intelligence"
    -creating dialectic parameters
    -evaluating alternatives
    -creating alternatives

     Choice     implies   Variation (binary or spectrum)
     Variation  implies   Parameter
     Parameter  implies   Space
     Parameter  implies   Dialectics/Aesthetics (ethics?)

   Time/Space implies multi-dimenesional Turing machine.
     -analogue or quantum/digital
     -alternative interpretations


Singing (pitch expressing emotion) -> tone languages.
instruments imitate pitch, imitate language
music -> instrument -> rules -> language (symbolic abstraction and distance) -> intelligence

(a sound based version of drawing in the sand -as described in "Introduction to CMM")

Trevor Batten
Manila, April 2006