Love and Madness:

I love she
and she loves he
but he loves only his family tree
and nobody loves me.....

I love she
and she loves she
so nobody loves me....

So, I loves me.....

No need to be heavy
No need to be sad
No need to be bad
If you are mad....

You can scream
You can shout
And muck about
If you are mad....

Make funny faces
Tear of your cloths,  think of nowt
Even play about, in piggy-back races
If you are mad....

I don't want to be normal
Or horribly formal
Which is why I'm glad
To be completely mad....

My love is like
A big red nose,
It runs
and runs
and runs....

Trevor Batten
<trevor at>
Manila, 7 November 2006