Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

December 2013:

December Bromeliad

Image of garden Bromeliad

01 December:

Two garden Bromeliads

two Bromeliads

04 December:

December Flowering

Images of December

Young Bean Plants
Images of young bean Plants

1st Banana Patch

Images of 1st
        Banana Patch -with assorted plants

Planted today:

A mixture of various seeds (gathered from flowering bushes) plus, Oats, Barley and Seven Kinds of Chicken Grains -mixed with sawdust and covered with chopped coconut husk: Planted under Banana tree in  the Chicken Fence Wild Area -and in two Coconut/Banana Areas.

Transplanted today:

Three Citrus Trees from the shade close by the N.E. neighbour's fence -out towards the sun.

Various cuttings along northern fence where damaged by tree felling.

05 December:

Hedge Repairs
-after tree felling
Images of hedge repaired after tree felling

Three Transplanted Citrus Trees

Images of transplanted Citrus trees

Another visitor
-Investigating the Beans (V.2D area)
Images of
        caterpillar found in garden

07 December:

More December Blooms

Images of december flowers

Hungry Tilapia

Images of Tilapia swimming in fishpond

Dividing the Pig!

08 December:

Baby Tilapia (fingerling) seen in fishpond

Planted today:

Butter Beans in V.3C

(The last 3) Hot Spell Tomato, Utah tall Celery,. Red Creole Onions and Tokyo White Bunching Onions in new stump plot. First a thin layer of soil and fine coconut husk dust was spread around the (marked) planting areas -and then the same mixture, with seeds added, was sprinkled on top. This was intended to provide a soft under-layer for developing roots -as well as a way thinning out the seeds, so they have more space to grow, Afterwards, the garden was given a good watering.

Fiesta in Baclayon Town

09 December:

Planted today:

Oats, Barley and Seven Kinds of Chicken Grains -mixed with sawdust and covered with chopped coconut husk: Sown in various compost patches -in some cases as replacement for already eaten areas -and given green plastic mesh protection against chickens.

Various Anti-Chicken Systems
-protecting grains in Compost areas
Images of
        anti-chicken netting to protect crops

10 December:

Planted today:

Kailaan and Amayah in N.2A

Cucumber, Water Melon, Patola, White Beans and Brown Beans in Coconut/Banana compost patch (between sticks)

Repairing The Roof

12 December:

Successful anti-Chicken Mesh
-Sprouting and Sprouted
Images of grain growing inside
            anti-chicken mesh
in Round or Flat versions

Planted today:

Hybrid Asparagus in N.2A, N.2B, Herb Patch and Banana Patch.2

Fenugreek in T.5B (right side covered with ash) and Banana Patch.2 (among stones + ash in northern group)

13 December:

December Blooming

Images of Flowers Blooming and going to
-and Going to Seed

Stump Patch-2
Sown again
Images of
                garden patch around tree stump
-but damaged by dogs

Planted today:

Oats, Barley and Seven Kinds of Chicken Grains in compost areas (using plastic rings made from mesh removed from Banana stump  patch).

Dragon Stir Fry Mix in my stump patch (see photo above)

Utah Tall Celery, Shisho, Sweet Marjoram, Thai Basil, Carrot and Arugula in Banana Patch-2 (see below)

Banana Patch-2
-Ready for sowing
Images of 2nd banana patch -ready for sowing

14 December:

More December Blooms

Images of December garden Flowers

17 December:

-Seeds and Locations
Images of Saluyot seeds and locations
Mini-Garden.2                                                                                                                    N.2A

Planted today:

Saluyot in Coconut Mini-Garden-1,  Coconut Mini-Garden-2, N.2A and Herb Patch

Mandarin Ponken in Pot.

Barley, Oats and Chicken Feed in Coconut-Banana Compost Areas

Transplanted today:

2 Utah long Celery seedlings from Pot to Stump Patch.2

18 December:

Rice Straw
-Collected locally and now waiting to be composted
Images of sacks with ricestraw

Banana Patch-2 Sprouting

Images of sprouting seedlings

Flowering Carrots

Images of
            carrot tops and flowers

Winning the Anti-Chicken War?

More images of
            succesful anti-chicken barriers

Planted today:

Dry seeds from Salad plant (T.2B) sown in Stump Plot.

Chinese Snake Beans in Coconut-Banana Plot (among sticks)

Chinese Radish in Mini-Garden 1, Mini-Garden 2, V.1B, T.3A/B, T.4A/B and T.5A/B

19 December:

Stump Patch-2 comes to life

Images of Stump Garden sprouting

Winter Fungus

Images of fungus growing on rotting
            tree stump in compost area around banana trees

-The Pig that survived Fiesta
Images of Pig with helper and Hen with
.... and the chicks that may also survive next year!

20 December:

Injured Toad
-with missing foot
Images of Toad with missing foot

21 December:

Butter Beans
-growing, picked and planted
Ijmages of Butter Beans -on the vine, as seeds and

(Moldy) Squash
 -Seeds and planting locations
Images of
          (mouldy) Squash seeds -and locations planted

The Anti-Chicken saga Continues.....

More images of
        Anti-chicken protected crop

27 December:

Butter Beans -the Next generation

Images of
        sprouting Butter Beans

28 December:

The killer                                                        The Victim                                                The Cremation
Images of killer rooster, his victim and the
        funeral pyre

But Life Continues.....
Three survivors -and a new batch from another hen
Images of surviving chicks -and a new batch

31 December:

More Winter Fungus

Images of tropical
        garden Fungus

End of the year for Dindin

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