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Do you know about Stirling Engines?

The Stirling engine was invented in 1816, before the gasoline and Diesel engines.
A Stirling engine can use any type of fuel, as well as solar energy and hot spring heat.
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Stirling engines have two pistons that create a 90 degree phase angle and two different temperature spaces. The working gas in the engine is perfectly sealed, and doesn't go in and out to the atmosphere.
Stirling engines can be classified as two pistons type Stirling engines and displacer type Stirling engines. The two pistons type Stirling engine consists of two power pistons. The displacer type Stirling engine consists of one power piston and a displacer piston.  A space above a hot piston is always heated by a heat source. A space above a cold piston is cooled always.  <>


Let's Build a Can Stirling Engine


The Can Stirling engine can rotate using a candle as the heat source. This engine is constructed with very simple materials. There are a can, a balloon, a wood board and others.

A Can Stirling Engine

(This engine was proposed by Mr.Saburo Tsucchida.
He is teacher of Kasukabe technical high scool.)

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