Life and Death:

The really big issue is: Staying Alive!

Developing a Mental and physical support system:
-Having kids to preserve the future
-Amusing oneself while alive
-Preparing oneself for death

"Lasse Faire" is fine if one doesn't have kids -if you don't mind the risk of dying at any moment -but if one wishes to improve the odds on surviving then, presumably, one needs to understand the system and know how to get maximum advantage for oneself and others with whom one is cooperating for mutual survival.....

Presumably, "Survival" is dependant on having the resources to "do the right thing" (at the right time).....

-Mental Resources (knowing what to do, how and when to do it)
-developing mental maps
-developing strategies
-developing tactics
-developing logisitcs

-Physical Resources (having the facilities and energy to do what needs to be done -when it needs to be done)
-Communal or individual:

Life Goes On.....

The problem of maintaining and debugging an on-going system:
-Perhaps the unconcious mind maintains the system -while the concious mind is involved with testing performance and debugging.

How does one change (in real-time) a system that is already functioning?

-Internal Problems:
(The system can't be stopped)
(Unless the system is changed simultainiously, different parts will be operating under different (old and new) rules)
 Morbid Pathologies

-External Problems:
(Vested interests find change "inconvenient")

Trevor Batten,
<trevor at>
Manila Oct 24 2006