Introductory Remarks:

Although the Lopez Museum's press release described a critical approach to the current (commercial) conceptualisations of "cyberspace" this lecture will not focus on the problems but will adopt a more positive approach.

Fatima will discuss a genetic and cultural description of space. Here, she will identify three interdependent spatial elements: the organism, the environment and symbolization. articulating them through the examples of pulso (pulse), panahon (time) and wika (language).

Trevor Batten will explore some aspects of "space" which are (in turn) based on his concept of 'Multidimensional Conceptual Space' - which is a personal intepretation of the mathematical conceptualisation of space that appears to underly modern physics. This continues the use of such concepts as pioneered by the Architect and Composer Xenakis  in his "parametrical" music (way back in the sixties). This introduction to a parametrical concept of space is followed by a practical articulation of the theory in terms of two computerised implementations -both programmed in Java. The concepts explored here are described in greater detail in the paper "Some personal Remarks on Conceptual Space" at <>

In these lectures, the processes of developing and articulating our own creative spaces are demonstrated for further discussion.