Initial Statement:

In the rush to popularise computer technologies and concepts within the context
of commercialization and market exploitation, a systematic destruction of
creative space has taken place: Culture is homogenized to enable "free
trade", and forms of social and economic organization congruent with the
principles of life are transformed into a wasteful and profit-obsessed
consumer society.

 Underlying this debilitating and disenfranchising

environment is the loss of cognitive worldviews that might allow individuals
and groups to develop and articulate their own creative spaces through a dialogue
between their own personal views and other cultural contexts and perspectives.

While the
cognitive/linguistic term "articulation"
 relates to the concept of movement
in space,
the concept of "perspective" is related to a more static view of

Can immaterial articulation relate to material space?

 In their
lecture, Fatima Lasay and Trevor Batten will explore alternative
articulations of space that consider cognition and language as important
spatial elements. Vital elements that have been lost in cyberspace.