What's Happening In The World?

Why this Collection?

Being a computer artist/programmer, I am naturally interested in how things are organised and how they work.

It is generally concidered normal for visual artists have a sketchbook, so on one level this is my proceedural sketch book. Looking to see how the world around me actually works.

The collection is fairly arbitrary. I have merely collected stries from the (two) news media (the  BBC and the local, Manila, TV station GMA) which are easilly available to both myself and many others around me. Some stories have been followed -but not all. I have merely collected the items that interested me (for some reason) while at home. Some major stories may have therefore escaped attention entirely.

However, if one is interested in trying to find some solution to the problems facing us -then presumably one needs to have some idea of what is happening in the world -and perhaps this collection can provide us with starting points.

What is it?

What's in it?

Because I'm interested in the way things are organised and they way they interact -I have tried to conceptualise the various items in terms of different "Ecologies" (Systems).

So Here is the News:


Spot the bias?

Of course all these reports are written  from a particular socio-political (economic) perspective.
They are all biased.

 However, if one can spot the bias -then this too can give an interesting insight
 into how people thaink
 (and presumably, act).

Some personal Reflections on the  News: