Coconut Sacrifice:

18 October 2013:

The recent earthquake in Bohol has made us aware of the danger of falling trees.

We have many tall coconut trees in our garden -and even at the best of times, falling coconuts and falling branches can be quite a threat. Obviously, the threat is much greater during an earthquake or heavy winds.

It was therefore with great sorrow that we decided to accept the advice of some local experts and cut down three trees which were very close to our house. Trees which have, on several occasions, damaged bits of  the roof by dropping their nuts. How much worse it would be if the whole tree fell.

20 October is scheduled for execution date.


19 October 2013:

Tree Number One

Image of Coconut tree near house

Tree Number Two

Images of another
        coconut tree near house

Tree Number Three

Image of third coconut tree near house


20 October 2013:

 9:30 AM
A heavy aftershock -just before work begins!

 9:35 AM
Up Goes the Rope Man
-Fixing rope to control direction
Image of man
          climbing tree to fix rope

First Cuts

Images of tree base being cut

... and First One Down!

Images of first
          tree cut down and people looking

--- one

Up Again!

Images of fixing rope for pulling down
          the second tree

Deciding the Direction

Images of men
          checking the direction before felling tree

.... and Down She Goes

Images of second
          tree being felled

--- two

Thinking about it all!

Images of people looking and thinking
            about the next step in felling the last tree

Last Time Up

Imges of attaching last rope for
              final tree felling

Just Cut, Pull and Down it comes.....

Images of
            people pulling down last tree

--- three

10:15 AM
Cleaning Up Time......

Images of felled Coconut Tree

With Many Hands......

Images of helpers clearing debris after felling

.... A job well done!

Images of
        relaxation after felling trees

10:30 AM
and time to enjoy the fruits

Images of people getting ready to enjoy fresh

11:30 AM
Some damage

Images of garden damage after felling

but nearly back to normal

Images of hedge
        tidied up after felling trees

... so home to lunch!

Image of woman leaving with a coconut in each hand

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