An Earth Shaking Experience:

October 15, 2013:

Taking refuge in an open space
-When the earth shakes
Image of people taking refuge in open area
Fatima and Penny with neighbours

Fallen Objects
-A bit of extra housework....
images of Fallen Objects in the House

More People on Higher Ground
-Escaping from Tsunami fears
Images of people gathering on higher ground
Under the protection of Police and Virgin Mary

Up in the Hills
-A more personal refuge
Images of people in the hills

Concrete and Wood
Damaged and Undamaged
Images of Concrete damage and unharmed wooden

Resting and Praying
-and perhaps waiting, for what?
Images of people resting and praying

More Home Effects
      Jammed Window                                                            Missing Fishpond Water     
Images of effects at home
Cabinets and Fridges that move on their own......

October 16:

Still Standing!
-Undamaged by earthquake
Image of decrepid
        house untouched by earthquake

Baclayon Church Tower
-The End of a Bohol Tourist Attraction?
Images of church tower after earthquake

Baclayon Market
-Next to the Church, but undamaged....
Images of Baclayon Market

Another Night Camping Out on the Balcony
-A Lovely Bedtime Picnic
Images of bedtime picnic on Balcony

October 17:

Camping Safety Features?
  Solid Surrounds                                                                        Light Ceiling      
Images of balcony "safety features"
     Small Trees                                                              Clear Escape Route          

Penny Stuffing Sausages
-Lunch goes on!
Images of stuffing sausages

Earthquake Story

Earthquake News
Coconut Sacrifice
Garden Diary
Project Homefarm

Trevor Batten
 <trevor at tebatt dot net>
 Baclayon 2013