Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

September 2013:

3 September:

September Orchid

Image of garden orchid blooming

Back from our weekend (shopping) trip to Cebu (with new seeds, of course).

First some Water Melon seeds, saved from a fruit salad we'd eaten while travelling, were planted in various "compost" areas .

Then another sowing of Pansies, local Mums, Delphiniums and Cornflower in the two Lanzones patches. The cuttings seem to be doing reasonably well, but it is impossible to tell yet how many seedlings are growing and how many are weeds.

Afterwards,work started on preparing the Herb Garden for  the new herbs we bought in Cebu (Italian Parsley, Thai Basil and Chinese Celery). Initially, I was planning to mix herbs and leafy vegetables (in the second Coconut patch) but then decided, instead, to clean up the Herb Garden and leave out the vegetables, just to make it easier to recognise the herbs if they grow.

Some Maize and assorted Okra were left to soak before planting.

At the end of the afternoon the Maize was planted in various patches in the Northern Garden (N.1B, N.1 C, N2A, N.2D and Herb Garden)

Ready For Planting!
The Herb garden
Images of
              Herb Garden readu for sowing

4 September:

The Okra was also planted in N.1B, N.1 C, N2A, N.2D and Herb Garden.

Samples of both Penny Rice and Blue Bonnet Rice were planted in the newly renovated Herb Garden. Together with Oats and Barley (which were also planted in several "compost" area under trees).

Finally, the Thai Basil, Italian Parsley, and Chinese Celery -together with Purple Shisho, Sweet Marjoram, Caraway, Amaranth, Korean Hyssop, Marsh mallow, Wild Dagga and Edible Chrysanthemum were also broadcast in the Herb Garden.

Although there has been a lot of (distant) thunder the last few days, still no rain -so the rest of the afternoon was spent watering the garden (until the water pressure became too weak).

5 September:

Birthday Seeds

Images of planted and unplanted seeds

For Fatima's birthday in August we ordered some exotic seeds via the internet. Somehow, we didn't get around to planting them. Perhaps I was just a little intimidated by the fact that there were so few in each packet (sometimes only 5 or 6 seeds) -so we would have to be very careful....

First some Butter Beans, Indian Serpent Gourd and Thai Best Melon were left to soak while I planted other things. Later the Butter Beans were planted in V.4B and V.4E, the Indian Serpent Gourd in the climbing frame area and the Thai Best Melon planted in the Northern compost heap where some Squash are also growing..

Some Bakers Creek Asparagus was planted in a few compost areas under trees and in V.4A and V.4E -while the Seedman Asparagus was planted in the two northern Banana Tree Patches.

Eggplant planted earlier in pots had been knocked over by animals -so after the Purple Tiger Eggplant and the Turkish Orange Eggplant had been planted in "mini-greenhouses" made from plastic containers used to package small cakes, some Round Eggplant and Long Eggplant were planted in a "sauna pot" inside a plastic bag.

Some Hot Spell Tomato was planted in a pot in the empty space next to a Dumb-cane -and some Utah Long Celery was planted, both in a "sauna" and broadcast in the "new" Coconut Tree mini-garden..

Although it had rained in the night, the garden was still fairly dry -and so despite the distant thunder, I watered the newly planted areas. Several hours later, in the evening, and it still hasn't rained.

A Variety of Beans
From Garden                                                                ......and Shop     
Images of beans from garden and newly

It seems we now have several different types of Bean (including the Cow Pea) growing in the garden. Hopefully, soon we shall also have Butterbeans.....

6 September:

The Cow Pea and the White and Brown Long Beans were planted in various locations in the Southern Garden.

A start was also made in finding room for the new Green vegetable seeds from Cebu. Plot T.1B was cleaned up. The next stage is to clean T.1A and join them together by putting fresh earth and chopped Coir where the separating path now is. Then a selection of vegetables can be planted there. Although it was clear that weeds were preventing the growth of any other plants there -the weeds do seem to have done a good job in improving the soil, which is now far less sticky than before.

A Good Harvest of Weeds
 -For the Compost
Images of weeding with areas with and
            without weeds -plus compost heap

8 September:

Weeded and Seeded
Seeds from Cebu                                                              Newly United Patch
Images of new seeds plus weeded and
              seeded patch
The new T.1AB

Planted today:

In the newly weeded and unified patch (T.1AB): Thai Basil, Chinese Celery, Italian Parsley, Shisho, Caraway, Sweet Marjoram,  Utah Long Celery, Amayah, Kailaan, Arugula, Cauliflower, Sweet Pepper, Cucumber, Red and White Radish.


Only half of our Coconut Trees were harvested before our trip to Cebu last weekend. Today the harvester came to finish the job. These Coconuts will be saved to make our own cooking oil from. We also harvested a few immature green Coconuts, for the juice and the soft meat inside.

Another Coconut harvest, with debris and more compost

Images of debries from
                  Coconut harvest

9 September:

Cleaning up!

Images of Harvest Debris and restored

It rained heavily all night -in the morning the remaining debris looked like a typhoon had just passed. However, Penny and Terri soon had everything cleaned up. But what are we going to do with all those Coconuts.......

11 September:

Another two plots weeded and seeded

More iImages of another weeded and
            seeded patch
T.2A                                                                                                           T.2B

Planted today:

Squash (Round and Long) in V.3A and V.3B -also in the compost under a Coconut tree, together with some Cherry Tomato.

Assorted Patola (Loofah) in the climbing area (V.2A, V.3A and V.3B).

In the newly weeded plot T.2A: Mung Beans, Mesclun Salad, Utah Long Celery,  Thai Basil, Italian Parsley, Cherry Tomato, Sweet Pepper (Know You), Carrot, White Radish and Red Radish were broadcast with Cardoon planted separately.

In the newly weeded plot T.2B: Mung Beans, Carrot, White Radish, Red Radish, Cherry Tomato and Utah Long Celery were broadcast with Mesclun Salad, Cardoon and the last of the Artichoke planted separately.

The two Coconut Tree mini-gardens were weeded, ready for planting.

Seedlings in the newly cleaned (and united) T.1AB seem to be sprouting.

Seeds or Weeds?

Images of
              very young seedlings growing

12 September:

More Weeding and Seeding

Images of freshly re-sown plots
Coconut.1                                                    Flowers                                                       Coconut.2

Planted today:

Coconut.1: Italian Parsley, Caraway, Chinese Celery, and Long Utah Celery

Coconut.2: Italian Parsley, Caraway, Chinese Celery, Long Utah Celery and Shisho

Flower bed: Pansy, Cornflower, Wild Mums, Delphiniums and Mixed Cactus

Productive Compost
An assortment of plants
Images of plants growing on compost heaps
        under trees
The first Squash this year!

13 September:

Planted today:

Banana patch:

Arugula, Kailaan, Carrot, Assorted Hot and Sweet Pepper, Amayah, Chinkang, Thai Basil, Chinese Celery, and Italian Parsley


3 Market Squash (July)  -in Coconut tree Compost area near the Heritage patch.
3 Market Squash (May)  -in the Gabi patch
3 Market Squash (May-2) -behind the tree stump in the Winged Bean patch (V.2A)
6 Market Squash (June)  -around Banana/Coconut Trees, Northern edge of Gabi patch by the Western fence
9 Fermented Market (Aug) -around Banana clump, among Gabi, along the Western fence
2 Round Pumpkin (V-125) -Western fence section by Ginger patch
2 Long Pumpkin (V-365) -Western fence section by Compost heap

Seedlings: Avocado and Lychee in various locations by the side gate

Newly Seeded Banana Patch

Images of newly seeded Banana Patch

Newly Planted Seedlings

Images of newly planted tree seedlings
Avocado                                                                     Lychee

More Weeds than Seeds?

Images of recently
        seeded herb patch
   General view                                                                       Sprouting Oats   

In the Herb Patch (planted 4 September) the Oats have sprouted quite vigorously, but the Barley less so and the two types of Rice even slower. The broadcasted seeds seem to be sprouting at last -but also much slower than those sown (8 September) in the Southern garden.

16 September:

A Tale of Two plots
     Growing Nicely                                                         Devastated by Chickens    
Images of two mini-gardens: One atacked by
1st Coconut mini-garden                                          2nd Coconut mini-garden

Another Unification Weeded and Seeded

Images of newly
          weeded and seeded, unified, plot
The new T.3AB

Planted today (in T.3AB): Italian Parsley,  Thai Basil, Chinese Celery, Shisho, Caraway, Sweet Marjoram and Tomato in entire plot. Arugula and Sweet Pepper in the (new) middle section. Red Onions on the A Side and White Bunching Onions on the B Side.

17 September:

Trimmed Hedge
Ready to grow again!
Images of newly trimmed hedge

Fast growing Squash and No-grow Melon

Images Comparing growth of squash and melon
See 12 September                                                         Planted 5 September 

18 September:

Improvements to area around tree stump
Images of improvements around tree stump

-Planted Earlier                                                                 -Planted Today
Images of
        Butterbean patches -planted recently and today

Planted today

Penny Rice, Blue bonnet Rice and Barley Around tree stump in newly improved T.2AB.

Butterbeans in V.3C.

19 September:

Devastation Repaired

Images of patch reseeded after damage
            by chickens

By breakfast time this morning the chickens had already devastated the area around the tree stump. So it was reseeded with Penny Rice and a few Blue Bonnet Rice grains (which are nearly finished). There was no more Barley left. A screen was placed over the rice to protect it. The last of the Cauliflower and some ChinKang  was also broadcast around the stump.

Some Macapuno Maize was planted in H.1 and in N.1B and N.2A.

Some 2nd generation (large July) Burmese Okra was put in soak for planting tomorrow.

20 September:

Another Banana Harvest
Food for us and Compost for the Plants
Images of harvested Bananas and
            distributed Banana trunk

25 September:

Various Vines
Patches cleaned and re-sowed
Images of various vine patches

Another Bean Race
Wet and Dry Brown Beans planted in same plot as Butterbeans
Images of newly planted Brown Beans

Planted today:

Butter Beans (in N.1B and N.1C, plus V.1C and V.2C area)

Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Patola and Upo (in V.1C and V.2C/D Vines area)

Both dry  and soaked Brown Beans in V.3C

26 September:

A Tale of Three Plots:
           Improved drainage profile            Devastated by Chickens      Soil Harvested for Vermiculture        
Images of three plots
V.4B                                            V.4C                                            V.3C

27 September:

Two Mini-Gardens
Coconut-1                                                                                        Coconut-2
Ijmages of Mini-Gardens under Coconut

Two More Mini-Gardens
Banana Patch 1.                                                                    Banana Patch 2.
Images of
            mini-Gardens under Banana Trees

Herb garden Growing
(see 13 September)
Images of Herb

Two Young Squashes
Newly Born                                                                              Older Sister
Images of
            growing Squash

Planted today:

Purple Sitaw (from Cabana) and House White Sitaw in H.3

Assorted Peppers in V.3C

House Sitaw (Green) and Asparagus in V.3D

Asparagus in Banana Patch 2.

28 September:

Planted today:

Dragon Stir Fry Mix, Amayah, Red and White Radish, Chingkang, Carrot, Red and White Onion, Hot spot Tomato, Thai Basil and Tall Utah Celery (around Tree Stump in T.2AB and in T.3AB)

29 September:

Beans in the Northern Garden
Improving soil and good to eat!
Images of Beans growing in the Northern

Healthy and Unhealthy Squash
Discolouration suggests young Squash is not viable
Image of
            healthy and unhealthy squashes

Birthday Seeds
Not a great success!
Images of
            potted seeds growing, or not.....

Butter Beans
Recently planted -and a bit earlier
Images of ButterBeans growing
      planted 25 September                                                      planted 18 September      

Wet and Dry Brown Beans
Dry Wins?
Images of recently planted Brown Beans
Wet                                                                                                            Dry

Natural Recovery from Devastation by Chickens
Images of damage by chickens
            spontaniously recovering

Slow Recovery
-See 19 September
Images of poor regeneration replanted
            tree stump area after damage by chickens

Planted today:

Okra: Old looking (undated 2nd. generation) Burmese Okra in N.2B and N.2C/D.
            House Okra (July) in N.1B and House Okra (June) in N.2A

30 September:

Three Female Squash Flowers
Failed (see above)                                        Failing.........                                      Who Knows.....
Images of three young female squash
Where are the male flowers?


Trevor Batten
 <trevor at tebatt dot net>
 Baclayon 2013