Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

 October 2013:

Durian Finally Planted!

Image of recently planted Durian seedling

1 October:

After Dinner Sowing

Images of remains of a meal planted in the garden

Newly Sown White Beans

Images of newly
        sown white Beans

Recently Sown Brown Beans
See 25 September
Images of
        previously sown brown Beans
Wet                                                                                                   Dry

Three Newly Sown Flower Patches

Imagesd of
        recently sown flower patches

Discarded Avocados

Images of discarded Avacado seeds growing
Seeds growing after being discarded on Rock Garden/Compost Heap

Planted today:

Pechay (in T.2AB by tree stump ), Rambutan (in pot) and Melon (in various Coconut Tree Compost heaps)
White Beans (in V.1C)
Pansy and Cornflower in Flower beds (see photo above)
Wheat and Sunflower Seeds in various Compost heaps (for the chickens?)

2 October:

Indeed, much damage by chickens.

Unable to finish watering the garden before the onset of sustained rain.

5 October:

Ready for planting

Images of newly
        renovated garden patch

Planted today:

White and Brown Beans, Macapuno Corn, Bush Sitao, Asparagus, Cardoon, Eggplant (Round and Long), Wild Dagga, Marsh Mallow, Korean Hyssop, Hot Spot Tomato, Long Utah Celery, Sweet Marjoram, Caraway, Purple Shisho in newly renovated H1.

Okra (newly gathered seed) in N.2A and N.2B

Squash, Wheat, Barley and Slasher (chicken feed) in various Compost areas under Coconut and Banana trees.

6 October:

Transplanted Trees

Images of transplanted tree seedlings

Wild Areas

-For non-cultivated planting
Images of wild
        areas in garden

Fertile Compost Gardens

-in various stages
Images of Plants
        growing in Compost Areas

Wet and Dry Fenugreek

Wet                                                                                             Dry
Images of freshly
        sown Fenugreek
By tree stump in T.2AB

Planted today:

A whole bunch of assorted tree seedlings laying around in pots were planted in various places (mostly in the North Western "forest" area).

Okra and and assorted Hot Peppers were sown in the Wild Garden areas -and in Compost Areas (see photos above).

Fenugreek, some of which had been soaked overnight, and some of which was still dry, were planted by the tree stump in T.2AB. Because Fenugreek is supposed to like alkaline soil (and ours is probably acidic) I made a weak solution of baking soda and poured it over the newly planted seeds. Hopefully, this will also deter the chickens!

8 October:

A Shy Inhabitant!
... but what is it?
Images of Green
        Lizard on Philippine banana tree

A Cordon of Cassava
Images of Compost
        under coconut tree

Cultivated Compost

Both newly sown and already growing
Images of
        cultivated compost areas

Newly Renovated
H2 Before mulching and sowing
Image of newly
        removated garden patch
....and after

Planted today:

Asparagus, Cardoon, Penny Rice, Sweet Corn in newly renovated H.2 (see Photo above)

Sweet Corn in N.1B

Wheat, Barley, Slasher Chickenfeed and Sunflower Seeds in Cultivated Composts (see Photo above)

9 October:

Improvements to Mini-Garden

Images of Mini-Flower garden, before and
          after adding cuttings

Transplanted today:

Various Cuttings available from garden plants put in Flower Garden under Coconut Tree (see photo above)

Hot Spot Tomato
seedlings, 5 (Know-You) Long Eggplant, 4 (Know-You) Round Eggplant, 2 Mixed Eggplant from pots to H.2

Planted today:

Best Thai Melon in Compost area next to sprouting Water Melon (see photo 8 October)

Cucumber, Assorted Squash, Wheat, Barley, Slasher Chickenfeed and Sunflower Seeds in various Compost Areas.

This morning, the Chickens had started to devastate yesterday's newly sown Compost Area (with the sprouting Water Melon) -but were scared off -hopefully before too much damage had been done. The other areas seemed untouched.

10 October:

Devastated by Chickens
Sown Yesterday Evening -Eaten This Morning!
Images of
        devastation by chickens

Images of recovery
        from earlier devastation

Three Squash
-Will they survive?
Images of three
        young squash

Various Beans
White Beans                                               Brown Beans                                        Butter Beans
Images of various
        beans growing

More Beans
Mung                                                                       Bush
Images of Mung and
        Bush Beans
    H2                                                            V.1B 

Work in Progress
Images of work in
        progress on vegetable patch

Planted today:

Chinese Celery, Caraway, Italian Parsley, Dragon Stir Fry Mix, Arugula, Mustard, Carrot and White Radish in H2.

Mustard and Arugula (as cover crop) on various bean mounds (V.2D)

11 October:

No Survivors
Dying                                                            Dead                                                          Dying
Images of dying
        unfertilised female squash flowers

But not only Garden Vegetables.....

Images of flowers
        blooming in the garden

12 October:

Hunting Chicken!

Image of chickens
        hunting for food

Effective protection against Chickens?

Images of sticks
        used to try and keep chickens from the crops

Planted today:

Chinese Celery, Kailaan, Red creole Onion, Mesclun Salad, Mustard, Sweet Pepper, White and Red Radish and Carrot in H3.

2 Vine Tomato in V.1B

Wheat, Barley and Sunflower Seeds in Protected Compost Areas.

Squash in various Wild and Compost Areas

13 October:

If You First Succeed
-Then keep trying!
Image of Picked Squash and young female

Successful Anti-Chicken?
                   No!                                                   - Perhaps......     
Images of
            devastated and not devastated areas

Renovation Complete
-H3 weeded and re-sown
Image of newly sown plot

Planted today:

White Beans, Brown Beans, Patola and Ampalya in H3

Assorted Beans and Cucumbers among (extra) sticks in Banana Patch area.

Balsam Pear in V.4C and V.4D

Upo (and assorted Beans) in Snake Bean Frame area

15 October:

Images of Baclayon Church
An Earth Shaking Experience
Earthquake Story
Earthquake News

18 October:

Going and Coming
Dying Squash                                                               Flowering Lime tree
Image of dying squash and flowering
              lime tree

Newly re-seeded Banana Patch
2nd Banana Patch
Images of recently re-sown
              Banana patch

Effective Anti-Chicken!
1st Banana Patch
Images of plants growing among sticks
              to keep chickens away

Planted today:

Kailaan, Amayah, Arugula, Caraway, Chinese Celery, Thai Basil in 2nd. Banana Patch

Thai Basil along Chicken Fence

19 October:

Persistent Squash
Trying                                                            Eating Out                                                           Dying
Images of new and old squash flowers
              plus caterpillar

Newly Renovated
Images of newly renovated garden

Planted today:

Italian Parsley, Mustard, Mesclun Salad, Shisho, Arugula, Tomato, Red and White Radish, Long Utah Celery, Sweet Peppers and (separately) Red and White Onions in newly renovated T.4AB

20 October:

Visual link to page on cutting down coconut trees
Coconut Sacrifice

21 October:

A New Garden Landscape

Images of
              new stumps from recently felled trees

22 October:

A Confused Inhabitant
-Foiled by the metallic ring around coconut tree (intended to stop rats)
Images of Brown Lizard in Garden

23 October:

Last in the Series:
T.5AB weeded -ready for seeding
Images of renovated vegetable

24 October:

Bedded Down for the Winter?
V.4 A-E                                                                                                     V.3E 
Images of garden plots covered with chopped coir to
        rest for the winter
V.3A-B                                                                                                          V.3C  

Planted today:

Garlic in V.3C and V.4D

Cowpeas in V.3A, V.3B, V.3C -plus V.2D area

Sorghum in Coconut compost, V.3C and by South-West Hedge (between Banana clumps)

Penny Rice in V.3C

(After planting, the above areas were covered with coir mulch -and left for the winter?)

Long Utah Celery, Amayah, Mustard, Dragon Stir Mix, Kailaan, Chinkang, Pechay, Arugula, Carrot, White Radish, Red Radish, Assorted Market Sweet Pepper planted in newly renovated T.5AB

Ginger in Banana Tree Compost -and by Old Coconut stump

Wild Areas
Banana Tree Compost                                     Old Coconut Stump
Images identifying Wild Areas

25 October:

Supermarket Planting

Images of herbs from supermarket, before
        and after planting

Planted today:

Spring Onions, Kenchay and Sage (roots and cuttings from supermarket) in 1st and 2nd Coconut Mini-gardens, 1st Banana Patch, Herb Garden and various other locations.

Some Supermarket Plots
Mini-Garden                                        Banana Patch                                      Herb Garden
Images of some planted areas

26 October:

After Dinner Sowing, Growing....
    Water melon                                                   Rambutan                                                         Pechay      
Images of After Dinner Sowing growing
Coconut Compost                                            Pots                                                2nd Mini-Garden

More Flowers

More images of
        flowers blooming

Planted today:

(Chinese) Okra in T.4A

Fenugreek (with eggshells) in T.3AB

Bush Sitao (Los Banos White) in V.4C, V.4D, V.4E

Sweet Corn in Herb Patch

Lemon Squash in Coconut compost

Zucchini Grey in Coconut compost

Water Melon in Coconut compost

Assorted Cucumber in Banana compost

Transplanted today:

Hot Pepper seedlings from T.3A to Coconut compost

Two Composts
Banana                                                                                               Coconut
Images of banana
        and coconut composts

27 October:

Transplanted today:

Hot Pepper seedlings from 2nd Coconut mini-garden to various wild (or compost) areas.

28 October:

Replacement (mini) Coconut Tree
-With anti-pig and goat protection
Image of newly planted coconut tree

The first Coconut Tree has been replaced (by a miniature tree, which fruits faster and smaller than the others).

The precise locations of the other replacement trees (if any) has not yet been determined. In fact, we are enjoying the extra sunlight as a result of their removal.


Trevor Batten
 <trevor at tebatt dot net>
 Baclayon 2013