Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

November 2013:

Camia -or White Ginger

Image of flowering Camia

01 November:

Wild Bulbs Flowering

Images of White and Pink Wild Flowers

Study in Yellow

Images of Yellow

Study in Blue

Images of Blue

Squash Fermented Seed Test
Fermented                                                                                Unfermented
Images of
        Sprouting Squash Seeds -not much difference
Not Much Difference!

02 November:

Tree Stump planted with Asparagus

Image of tree stump planted with Asparagus

08 November:

Storm Debris

Images of Coconut branches fallen in the storm

Garden Puddles

Images of garden
        puddles after the storm

Extra fodder for Goat

Image of goat with
        Fresh Coconut branch

Typhoon Report

10 November:

Young Patola gourds and Upo flowers

Images of Young
        Patola and Upo flowers

11 November:

Reclaiming the Northern Garden!

Images of Sawn up

Patola Growing

Images of Patola

Displaced Praying Mantis

Images of Praying Mantis in Garden
-Hiding on Okra but jumped to the ground when disturbed

14 November:

Cleaned up "wild" area by the chicken house. Moved the sawdust to the growing plants.

Planted giant Burmese Okra, Winged Beans, Squash, Sunflower, Barley and Wheat (in central coconut compost area)

Tidy "Wild" Area -by chicken house

Images of tidy wild are -after removal
            of felled tree

15 November:

Tidy Patch
Image of cleaned and seeded vegetable

Planted today:

Chinese Okra, Long Eggplant, Macapuno Corn (also in V.1CThai Basil, Arugula

16 November:

Tidy Mini-Gardens
Coco-1                                                      "New"                                                Coco-2
Images of cleaned mini-gardens

Planted today:

Edible Chrysanthemums, Cornflower, Thai Basil, Marsh Mallow -in "New" mini-garden

Mustard, Pechay, Chinkay -in Coco-1 and Coco-2

17 November:

Restored Balingbing Tree
-damaged branches from falling tree removed
Images of trimmed balingbing
Tidying up the damage in the Northern hedge area caused by felled Coconut trees

Also repaired damaged Southern hedge (cause unknown).

18 November:

Untidy Stumps
-Still cleaning up the Northern garden after felling
Images of new stump areas before being

19 November:

More Tidying Up
-repairing damaged vegetable patch and hedge
Images of Hedge and vegetable patch
            being cleaned up after felling coconut trees

20 November:

New Plots and Tidy Compost
Terri helping Penny with her plot -plus the tidied compost and a view of my plot
Images of making new plots and tidied

22 November:

More Tidy Patches
N.2A                                                                                              N.1B
Images of more tidy patches

27 November:

Tidy Stumps
-Penny's plot and my plot with newly planted eggplant seedlings
Images of newly planted eggplant

Terri's Plots
N.2C/D                                                       N.1C
Images of Terri's plots

29 November:

Planted today:

(Chinese) Bush Beans in my new Stump garden (and in N.1B[b]).

(Chinese) Sweet Pepper, Chinese) Hot Pepper and  (House) Long Pepper in new Stump garden.

(Chinese) Long Beans and (Chinese) Sweet Corn  in N.1B[b]

Macapuno Corn  in N.1B[a]

Dragon Mix in N.2A

Transplanted today:

Thinned and transplanted (Parsely?) seedlings in T.3AB.

Thinned and transplanted Pepper seedlings in T.2AB.

30 November:

-Looking back on an interesting period:                                                 

Notes on the Aftermath
Disaster Discussions


Trevor Batten
 <trevor at tebatt dot net>
 Baclayon 2013