Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

February 2014:

Ground Orchid
-Nearly Ready to Flower
Image of Budding Orchid

01 February:

Old Friends
Mother hens getting ready to abandon Chicks?

Images of mother hens with rooster

04 February:

New Arrivals

Images of newly arrived ducks

Young Patola
-in my tree stump patch
Images of newly
        ferlized patola flowers

Penny's patch
-with young Eggplant and Paprika
Images of growing
        young Eggplant and Paprika

Young Squash
dying                                                                                         growing?
Images of young
        squash -one dying the other growing

Fresh Jack Fruit

Mini-garden                                                  On Tree                                              Newly Picked
Images of Jack
        Fruit Tree

New Seeds
Beans, Okra and Gourds......
Images of newly
        arrived seed packets

05 February:

Another New Arrival

Images of young (spekled) piglet

New Chicks too!

Images of hen with

.... and a resident Flying Lizard
-Saved from an attacking chicken!
Images of Flying
        Lizard in the grass.

06 February:

Planted today:

Market Cherry Tomato and House Crinkly Pepper  in Stump Patch

Mandarin in nursery pot

10 Blue Speckled Tepary Bean in T.4A, T.5A, V.1B, V.3A and Snake Bean Frame Area

6 Henderson Bush Lima Bean in T.1A, T.2A, T.3A, T.5A, N.1B(a) and N.1B(b)

7 Christmas Pole Lima Beans, 5 Alabama Black Eyed Beans, 7 Chinese Red Noodle Beans in N.1B(b), N.2A, V.3C, V.3D and V.3E

07 February:

The Orchid starts to open up

Images of budding Ground Orchid

The Canna Lily too

Images of a Canna

Planted today:

"Pink Okra" (Abelmoschatus moschatus) in N.1B(b), Stump Patch and  Banana Patch-1
Eagle Pass Okra in H.1, H.2 and  H.2
Jing Orange Okra in T.3A, T.4A  and T.5A
Burmese Okra in Chicken Fence Area and various Banana-Coconut Compost Areas

Butter Beans in Southern Hedge Area (near bamboo)

09 February:

Planted today:

Butter Beans, Winged Beans, Snake Beans, Squash, Red Bisbee Cowpea, Chinese Okra, "Pink Okra", Red Noodle Bean, Christmas Pole  Lima bean, Alabama Blackeyed Bean, Tepary Bean, Cucumber (Know You) Chinese Ampalya, Tambuli, Serpenti di Sicilia and Bonanza Patola in V.2A

Tepary Beans in Snake bean Frame Area and Terry's Alubati Patch

Ananas Water Melon in V.3E Compost Area and various Banana-Coconut Compost Areas

Tidied up and planted with Beans and Gourds
Images of newly cleared garden patch -sown with
        mixture of beans and gourds
Was previously Winged Bean Climbing Frame Area

The First Beans

-Planted 6 February
Images of Beans
        sprouting in garden

12 February:

More New Seeds
Garbanzo, Cowpea, Sorghum and Spinach....
Imagesd of newly arrived seed packets

Contented Patola
-still growing in my Stump Patch
Images of patola
        growing on the vine

Happy Goats
Daughter and her mother
Images of our two

..... and Friendly Piglets
Meeting the new kid on the Block!
Images of
          older and newer piglet

Planted today:

Garbanzos in V.4C, V.4C, V.4D, V.2A, N.1B(b), N.2A and Banana Patch.2

Purple Podded Cowpea in Coconut Mini-Garden.1, Coconut Mini-Garden.2, T.1A, T.2A and T.5A

Clay Cowpea
in V.3C, V.3D, V.3E, H2 and Snake Bean Climbing Frame

House) White Beans in V.3C, V.3D, V.3E and H2

(Supermarket) Coriander (with root) in various locations

(Supermarket) Tarragon (cuttings)  in various locations

13 February:

Tidy Mini-Gardens
-around Lanzones trees
Images of two cleaned up mini-gardens under
        Lanzones trees

New Plants
in front of the house
Images of newly
        planted plants
-bought on Tuesday

.......And one for the Orchid too
-at the back of the house
Images of new
        plant in its environment

A New Banana Patch
-newly Seeded, with added Mulch and Anti-Chicken Netting
Images of seeding a new garden patch

Planted today:

Spinach (Merlo Nero, Bloomsdale Long Standing, Giant Noble), Parsley (Demi Long Root), Sorghum (Tarahumara Popping, White African, Black Amber, Umbrella), Thai Basil, Hybrid Asparagus, Henderson's Bush Bean, Purple Cowpea, Kabuli Garbanzo, Blue Tepary Bean, Chinkang, Chinese Cabbage, Pechay, Kailaan, Amayah, Arugula, Mustard,  Carrot. Radish (White and Red), Onion White and Red) and Chicken Feed Mixture in New Banana Patch

Sorghum (Tarahumara Popping, White African, Black Amber, Umbrella) in various (labled) Banana Compost Areas.

14 February:

-One  harvested and one waiting.....
Images of a patola being picked and another still

Young Bush Beans
Images of young
        Henderson Bush Bean and Blue Tepary Bean growing
Henderson's Bush                                                             Blue Tepary   

Young Pole Beans

V.3E                                                                 V.3E                                                                 V.3D
Images of young
        pole beans growing
   Black Eyed Lima                                  Red Noodle                                      Christmas Pole

Planted today:

2 Black Eyed Lima Beans and 2 Red Noodle Beans in V.3E

2 Christmas Pole Beans in V.3D

Turmeric, Blue Tepary Beans and Henderson's Bush Beans in Wild Areas in S.W. Corner

Ananas Water Melon in various locations in S.W. Corner Area

15 February:

Young Chicks
-Getting to know the world around them
Images of mother hen showing young
            chicks the world in which they live

Planted today:

White Bush Marrow, Lemon Squash, Garbanzo, Clay Cowpea, Purple Cowpea, Serpenti di Sicilie, Tambuli and Patola in V.3E

Zucchini Squash, Seminole Pumpkin, Sitaw, Winged Bean, Red Bisbee Cowpea in various locations

16 February:

Escaped Rooster
-Trying to fight his son through the fence
Images of Rooster trying to fight another Rooster
        behind a fence

Cobwebs at Night

Images of Cobwebs
        at night

17 February:

Building A New Goat Pen

Images of a new goat pen being built

With Happy Campers

Images of goats in
        new pen

..... And Rustic Details

Images with
        details of new goat pen

18 February:

Planted today:

Canary Mix, Sunflower, Cornflower, Edible Chrysanthemum, Celosia, Mixed Salvia, Cactus, Korean Hyssop, Mixed Sorghum and Pink Okra in various flower beds

Transplanted today:

Poinsettia in various flower beds

19 February:

The Pigs take a break
-while their pen is renovated
Images of piglets taking a holiday while the pig
        pen is renovated

21 February:

Penny's patch bears fruit.....

Images of
        vegetables growing in Penny's patch

..... While my patch struggles on!

Images of
        vegetables growing in my patch

23 February:

Budding Pineapple

Images of a budding Pineapple plant

Newly Weeded and Sown

H.1, H.2, H.3
Newly weeded and
        sown "heritage" patch

The Ultimate Anti-Chicken Device?

Images of Mosquito
        net used as anti-chicken device

Planted today:

Spinach (Bloomsdale Long Standing, Merlo Negro, Giant Noble), Parsley Demi Long Root, Mustard, Chinkang, Arugula and Kailaan in the Mosquito Net Area

Mixed Vegetable seeds in H.1, H.2, H.3

Chicken Feed Mix and Canary Seed in various Compost Areas

25 February:

Penny's patch again.....

More Images of Penny's planrs
(photo -Fatima)

Fatima's Balcony Garden
-Spinach and Talinum
images of plants
        growing around our balcony
(photo -Fatima)

Young Vines
Patola                                                                                       Beans
Images of young
          patola and beans growing
(photo -Fatima)

New Climbing Frame
Images of new
        climbing frame buit in the ginger patch

Planted today:

Luffa, Balsum Pear, Tambuli, Serpente di Sicilia, Cucumber, Ampalaya, American Ananas Melon, Market Squash, House Snake Bean and Assorted (House) Beans in newly prepared Ginger Patch/Climbing Frame Area (V.2E)

Works in progress....
Growing Pineapple                                                              Growing Beans
Images of growing pinapple, growing beans and new
        chicken house door
More Young Beans                                         Improving the Chicken Pen

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