Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

March 2014:

Image of baby Pineapple growing

01 March:

More Garden Flowers

Images of two garden flowers

Anti-Chicken Banana Patch "unveiled"
(See 13 February 2014)
Images of an "unveiled" anti-chicken
        garden area under a banana tree

Hanging pots
 -Both earlier and recently sown
Images of hanging
        pots, both recently and earlier sown

Planted today:

Assorted Cacti, Petunia, Astor, Calendula, Zinnia and Rudbekia in Hanging Pots

Mangosteen in Pots

02 March:

Newly Sown and Netted Compost Area
Staked out plot                                                            Broadcasted seeds
Images of preparing a mosquito net
        protected "compost area" mini-garden
Mulched and watered                                                                Put to bed

Planted today:

Condol (Winter Melon) in New Climbing Frame Area (see 25 February)

Assorted Cacti, Thai Basil, Italian Parsley, Saluyot, Sorghum, (House) Burmese Okra, Tepary Bean, Purple Cowpea, Henderson's Bush Lima, Garbanzo, Water Melon, Rudbekia, Calendula, Astor and Pink Okra in Newly Netted Compost Area

03 March:

An Experimental Duck Pond
-Shower Plastic covered with clay
Imagews of the creation of a small pond for
        the ducks

05 March:

Improving the anti-Chicken Areas

Images of Improvements to anti-chicken areas in
        Compost gardens

Successful anti-Chicken Compost gardens?

Images of three successful Anti-chicken compost

Testing, Testing!

Images of Chicken
        foraging around the edges of anti-chicken fences

Planted today:

Henderson's Bush Lima, Purple Cowpea, Blue Tepary Bean, Afghan Garbanzo, Garlic, (House) Tomato, Chicken Feed Mix, Canary Mix, Sunflower, Carrot, Leek, Amaya, Flowering Pechay, Chingkang, Parsely Demi Long Root, Thai Basil, (Know You) Sweet Pepper, ass. Hot Pepper, ass. Spinach, Saluyot, Fenugreek, ass. Sorghum, Macapuno Corn, (House) Burmese Okra, Aster, Zinnia, Calendula, Petunia and Rudebeckia in newly improved Compost Gardens.

07 March:

Beans, Beans, Beans.....
Supermarket White Beans                                                                       Speckled Butter Beans
images of beans collected from the garden

Vines in the newly built Climbing Frame Area (V.3E)
Purple Cowpea                                               Luffa                                                          Serpenti
Images of plants growing in newly made climbing
        frame and vine patch
Tambuli                                                  Black Eyed Bean                                     Climbing Frame

Newly Weeded, Seeded, Mulched and Protected.....
Images of newly
        weeded and seeded garden patch

Planted today:

KK Kurodo Carrot (Kaneko), ass Spinach, Mustard, ChinKang, Leeks, and White Radish in newly weeded V.1B

08 March:

First flowering
Pineapple                                                                         Blue Tepary Bean
Images of Pineapple and Bean flowers
Planted May 2010                                                   Planted February 6, 2014

09 March:

More Garden Fruits!
Balimbing                                                                                     Papaya
Images of tropical fruits growing in garden
Banana                                                                                             Tambis

Ducks enjoying pond improvements
-Plastic removed and pond re-lined with mud.....
Images of Ducks enjoying improved pond
... but how long will it last?

12 March:

Planted today:

Tambuli, Serpenti, Ampalya, Ananas Water Melon, Cucumber, Chinese Long Beans and Red Bisbee Cowpea in Vine Areas.

13 March:

Transplanted today:

3 Eggplant Seedlings from Nursery Pot to T.2AB and T.3AB

14 March:

New Bean Patches (Before Planting)
V.4E                                                                                             V.3D
Images of existing garden patches before being
        planted with more beans
Blue Tepary Bean  (14 Feb)                               Christmas Pole Bean (14 Feb)

Planted today:

Henderson's Bush Lima, Purple Cowpea and Blue Tepary in V.4A, V.4B, V.4C, V.4D

Clay Cowpea, Black Eyed Lima, Christmas Pole Lima, Red noodle bean, REd Bisbee Cowpea, Penny Sitao, White Bean, Brown Bean, Speckled Lima bean, Penny Condol and House Patola in V.3D and V.4E

17 March:

Inspecting the newly dug Duck and Fish Pond

Ducks inspecting the newly dug Duck and
            Fish Pond

18 March:

Improving the Anti-Chicken Screens in a Banana-Coconut Compost Area
-Plastic screens replaced by wire mesh
Images of compost garden improvements:
            Plastic anti-chicken barriers replaced by wire mesh

19 March:

Planted today:

Chicken Feed Mix, Okra,  Maize, Assorted Sorghum, and Saluyot in Improved Compost Area.

Chicken Feed Mix and Sorghum (White African, Black Amber, Tarahumara Popping, Umbrella) planted separately in screens moved to Orchid Area

20 March:

  Gathering the materials for the new Duck and Fish Pond

Images of
        materials waiting to be used for Duck and Fish Pond

21 March:

Making Concrete Foundations

Images of 1st day's work cementing new Duck
        and Fish Pond

Sprouting Bean Patch
V.3D                                                             Clay Cowpea                                                Red Noodle
Images of recently
        planted beans sprouting
Black Eyed                                               Penny Sitao                                             Christmas Pole

24 March:

Finishing Walls

Images of Duck and Fish Pond in construction
Happy Ducks?

Garden Visitors
Caterpillar on Luffa                       Insect Nest in Guyabano Tree            Moth with Aphids on Luffa
Images of
        caterpillar, Insect nest and moth with aphids -all found in the

Planted today:

Jing Orange Okra in T.2A, T.3A, T.4A

Eagle Pass Okra in H.2 and H.3

(House) Burmese Okra in various Compost Areas

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