Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

December 2014:

Image of fallen and standing banana

01 December:

One Up, One Repaired and One still Down

Images of Fallen and restored Banana
Fallen Bananas still ripening

02 December:

Preparing for Hagupit

Images of prepararations for Typhoon Hagupit
the next typhoon?

03 December:

Mother Duck takes a well earned bath

Images of Mother Duck with ducklings
        born today, 3 dec 2014
(ducklings born today)

...and a walk in the garden

IMages of mother with ducklings in garden

while Insects Forage

Images of insects on bean pod

04 December:

Lots of debris to clean up after felling trees for Hagupit

Images of debris after felling trees in preparation
            for typhoon Hagupit
Hopefully, the house is now safe from falling trees

Snow-white and Latte help clear up the debris

Images of goats eating leaves of
        felled trees

05 December:

Penny, trying to ride Miss Piggy -to see if she is fertile

Images of woman trying to ride pig
Miss Piggy failed the test -so we try again next month
(after improving her diet)

An assortment of beans and seeds

Images of beens collected from the garden and saved
            for planting next year
collected and saved for planting later

10 December:

Unfurling Coconut Flowers

Images of coconut flowers unfolding

Giant Snail (Cohol) Eggs

Images of fish pond and snail eggs on wall of pond
On wall of fish pond

Cleaning up felled lumber

Images of sawn lumber in garden
After preparing for Hagupit

Hagupit -Tropical Depression 22W

12 December:

Young Coconut Buds

Images of young coconut buds

New Stump Garden Started

Images of coconut logs placed to form a
        small garden around the tree stump

Another Stump Garden under Construction

Small garden patch around coconut tree
        stump under construction

Still some Clearing Up left to do!

Images of debris in garden waiting to be

13 December:

Nicely Stacked Timber

Images of nicely stacked lumber

Healthy Male and Female Luffa Flowers

Images of male and female Luffa flowers
..but a little out of phase, perhaps

But what to do with this area?

Images of problem area in garden -full of fallen coconut
Forest Area or Compost Heap?

.......or this one?

Images of problem area in garden -Taro desicated by
Taro area devastated by ducks and fallen coconut tree


Images of various plants struggling to survive in a
        tropical garden
a mixed border area

between Forrest

Images of Cassava plants growing in tropical garden

.......and Jungle

Images of wild growth in tropical garden

20 December:

Producing some new Garden Products

Images of products from
Beans and seeds, root crops and Frozen Ducks

Garden Flowers

Images of flowers in garden

Young Mothers

Images of Hens and Ducks with
            young chicks

23 December:

Garden Gifts for the Family

Images of garden produce
Green Bananas, Duck Eggs and Purple Yam

Getting ready to leave

Images of family gifts from
              garden being packaged
with pots of pickle, frozen duck and all

The Ducks prepare for take-off

Image of aircraft preparing to leave Tagbilaran

For the concrete jungle!

Images of Manila seen from taxi window
Metro Manila

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