Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

January 2015:

Image of arrival at Tagbilaran (Bohol)

06 January:

Back from Manila!

Images of arrival at Tagbilaran
        (Bohol) airport

With Plant Cuttings

Images of plant cuttings being unpacked from boxes

....and Seeds

Images of Seeds

10 January:

Newly planted fruit tree seeds

Images of fruit tree seed collection
        -and newly potted
Longan, Mandarin, Guava, etc..

13 January:

Miss Piggy gets pregnant?

Images of pig being artificially inceminated in the

View from above of pig being artificially inseminated

14 January:

Miss Piggy -The Morning After

Image of Pig the morning after

The Duckings are growing up too....

Images of almost adolescent

....and a vegetable patch weeded and seeded

mages of newly weeded and seeded vegetable patch

18 January:

Herbs replanted in Window Box

Images of Newly planted herbs in
              window box

New Year Seeds Sprouting

Images of sprouting seeds
Mixture of bird seed and chicken feeds

More sprouting seeds

Images of sprouting seeds
Mixed Vegetables (planting Jan 14)

More weeded and seeded patches

Images of newly weeded and seeded garden plots
T3-5                      Mixed Vegetables                    H1-3

20 January:

New fences keep ducks from Penny's patch and old Ube patch

Images of Ducks kept of garden
              patch by small wooden fences
Ube patch now replanted with beans and other vines

Ready for weeding!

Images of weed filled garden patch prior to

Feeding station for young chicks seems fairly successful

Images of young chicks and ducklings in special
              feeding cage -to keep others out

21 January:

A Night Visitor

Images of grasshopper on wall at

Snail eggs still waiting to hatch

Images of giant water snail
              (Cohol) eggs on fishpond wall

Coconut mini-garden

Images of Coconut tree mini-garden

Blooms in Coconut mini-garden

Images of flowers in mini-garden under coconut

Rejuvenation -First stage

Images of garden patch being cleared of weeds
Removal of ferns

Rejuvenation -Second stage

Images of garden plot being cleared of weeds
Removal of other weeds

Rejuvenating Process

Images of renovation of garden plot in progress
Covered with chopped coir, earth from ditch and coconut sawdust

Rejuvenation Finished

Images of rejuvenated plot
Planted with Okra and Maize

And then rain stopped play......

Images of flooded garden

.....but not for ducks!

Images of duck swimming in flooded garden

28 January:

Seedlings growing in a banana patch

Images of seedlings growing in a
              banana patch

Chilies Growing in a Banana patch

Images of chili plants growing in
              banana patch

Flowering tree in a Banana patch

Images of flowering leguminous

Shy new chick -with shy mother

Images of young chick and hen
              hiding among leaves
Born 28 January 2014

and the first trip out for new ducklings -too

Images of young ducklings
Born 27 January 2015

while the older ducklings go for a swim

Images of older ducklings swimming
Born 03 December

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