Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

February 2015:

Image of Palm Fronds for roof

02 February:

Nipa and roof waiting for repairs

Images of holes in palm frond roof and
        stockpiled material for repairs

Repairing the Roof -December 2013

03 February:

Waiting to grow
Weeded and seeded -and possibly already eaten by chickens

Images of plant beds
V.1A                                   V.1B                                 V.1C

Waiting to be planted
Forage Plants (recieved Friday 30 Jan) from local government office)
Images of forage plants ready to be re-plnted in garden

Forage Plants planted earlier

Images of forage plants growing in garden
Tricanthera -big leaves                 Desmodium rensonii                     Indigofera -small leaves

Stylo  -died

04 February:

Also waiting to grow
Newly planted
herb seeds and previously planted seedlings
Images of newly planted and previously planted boxes
            with herbs
Seedlings planted 18 January 2015

05 February:

Finally -from roofing material to compost!

Images of Nipa roof being replaced -and nipa being used
        for compost

Forage Trees planted

Images of newly planted forage trees

Renovation after devastation by chickens

Images of chicken devasted and then
        renovated garden patch
Are there any seeds left to grow?

While Miss Piggy and friend enjoy the sun

Images of PIg and chick

07 February:

Older and Younger Brothers

Images of ducklings
Hatched 27 January                         Hatched today! 

Young Vines growing in old Ube Patch

Images of young vines growing
Planted 20 January

Roof Repairs continue

Imaes of Nipa roof being repaired

10 February:

Shy mother hen still going

Images of chicken with chicks hidden
        among plants

Shy Herbs?

Images of young herb seedlings growing in pot
Seeds planted 4 January

Ducks (of all ages) Everywhere.....

Images of ducks and ducklings of various ages

14 February:

Spiders hiding under house eves

Two images of spiders hiding under
        nipa roof

18 February:

New Seeds arrived by post

Images of Seed packages
Compost crops, greens and grains

21 February:

Our First Upo!

Images of condol (winter gourd) growing in Vine

Experimental Compost Plantings
Mixture of Alfalfa, Summer and Decorative mixes -plus birdseed
Images of various old compost patches resown with
            mix of compost seeds
-Various types of anti-chicken and duck protection

Nearly Finished

Images of finishing touches to
        rebuilding nipa roof

Finished -Except for the cleaning up!

Images of foinished Nipa roof -with bits of old roof
        needing to removed from garden around house


NIPA (3,000 PIECES) = 9,000

UWAY (12 BUNDLES) = 1,800

A & B  -> 650 X 12 DAYS = 7,800
A & C  -> 600 X   3 DAYS = 1,800
** TOTAL = PHP 20,400 **

Now Nipa, nipa, everywhere......

Images of old nipa from roof used as compost in various
        parts of the garden -including a bed for the pig

....including the two new compost heaps

Images of new compost heaps filled with old nipa from

23 February:

More Shy Chicks!

Images of newly born chicks
Born Today

while some older chicks are still going strong

Images of growing chicks

with ducks of all ages everywhere!

Images of Muscovy ducks of various ages

and ever more baby ducklings

Images of young Muscovy ducklings

24 February:

Future Harvest
Cucumber                              Chili
Images of vegetables growing in garden
Paprika                                      Beans

Newly seeded compost patches

Images of newly seeded compost
            patches under coconut trees
Compost Mix, Alfalfa and various grains

Extra Anti-Chick Protection against newborn chicks

Images of garden patches protected
            by netting against chickens
Re-seeded with Alfalfa to improve soil

Shy Herbs dying
(lack of sun?)
Images of unhealthy herbs in window boxes
Moved from balcony railing to seedling nursery

Condemned Chicken House and Pig Pen

Images of old pig pen and chicken house -before
            being demolished to make new pig pen
before demolition for construction of new Pig Pen

25 February:

....and down she goes!

Images of Chicken house being
          demolished to build new pig pen

Then digging up the pig pen floor to place deep litter flooring

Digging up the floor of pig pen area -for deep litter

.....and provide soil for compost areas

Images of soil on compost areas

The Duck Pond needed to be cleaned up
-after fish died from too much (baby) duck excrement
Images of duck pond being re- filled and cleaned

Fallen Banana Trunk finally removed and fencing repaired

Extra protection needed against young chicks
Images of removal of fallen banana tree and repaired
          crushed fence
Semi-ripe bananas used as animal fodder

Termite nest found on fence                                       
Image of broken termite nest and failed water feature
          waiting for treatment
             -and a failed water feature waiting for treatment

Happy Hens -but one badly trampled duckling trying to survive

Images of happy hens with chicks -and one badly
          battered duckling

26 February:

Pit for deep litter floor started

Images of nearly dug deep litter
          floor for pig pen

...and new growing areas created

images of soil dumped under trees to make new growing
Soil from pig pen

Water Feature made to leak

Images of drained water feature
Drained -ready to be filled with soil

Young shoots

Images of sprouting compost patch

Re-seeded and put to bed

Images of newly re-seeded
              compost patch under banana tree
Sown with grains and compost mix

27 February:

Trying to find order in the bean jungle

Images of bean patch jungle in

....but the pig pen continues to rise

Images of pig pen under

28 February:

....and the roof starts to take shape

Images of Nipa roof being constructed
        for pig pen

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