Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

March 2015:

Image of Desmodium rensoni tree

04 March:

A duck murdered -but life goes on...

Images of ducks with dead duck -and a
        mother with ducklings
Raped by "Daddy duck"                                             

Flower patch in bloom

Images of flower patch in tropical

Various cultivated Compost patches developing harvest

Images of plants growing under a Banana tree     Images of plants growing under a banana
Images of beans growing in a garden patch     Images of plants growing under a banana tree

Images of Papaya and Eggplants growing in a
            garden patch

Pig Pen fences ready to be attached

Images of Pig Pen under construction

05 March:

Pig Pen nearing completion

Images of pig pen under construction

New Garden Patches spread with rice hulls from rice mill

Images of garden patches under coconut or banana trees
        -recently spread with rice hulls

Young Brood growing up

Images of young Chickens and Ducks

Vigilante Committee watches as "Daddy Duck" receives the ultimate penalty

Images of living and dead duck

06 March:

Rice Husks
From Rice Mill
Images of rice husks in sack and as compost on garden
spread on garden

07 March:

Newly Planted Beans

Images of garden compost patches newly
        planted with various beans

Miss Piggy enjoying her new home

Images of completed pig pen -with pig

09 March:

New Main Gate -and added drainage holes in water feature

Images of new gate and broken water

Newly sowed Banana Patch
Bush Beans and various greens
Images of Banana patch before and
        after sowing bush beans and greens
Covered with rice husks and coconut sawdust

10 March:

Anti-Chicken protection removed

Images of garden patch with and
        without protective netting

....and moved to newly sown banana patch

Images of garden patch with anti-chicken net installed

12 March:

Young Beans sprouting

Images of young beans sprouting in
        garden patch

Young Vegetable Sprouts

Images of young vegetable shoots growing in Banana

Water Feature being filled in with stones from the garden

Images of water feature being filled in with stones from
        the garden

18 March:

Banana Patch newly sown with various vegetables

Image of banana patch with bean plants
        now sown with greens
Beans planted March 7                                         

Coconut Patch newly sown with various vegetables

Images of recently sown Coconut patch
Beans planted March 7                                         

Vegetable Sprouts getting bigger

Images of newly planted vegetables sprouting
        in Banana Patch

10 March:

Resurrection Roosters
Shortly after a fight
(photos Fatima Lasay)

Images of two roosters just after a

...and 10 minutes later

24 March:

Significant rain today -the first this month!

25 March:

Garden patches fresh after yesterday's rain

Images of garden patch after the rain
        yesterday  Images of garden patch after rain

Unidentified Leguminous Tree bearing fruit

Images of unidentified leguminous

Water Feature getting nicely filled up

Images of Water Feature being filled

Vegetables growing nicely in Banana patch

Images of vegetables sprouting in a
        banana patch

Young Beans progressing well

Images of bean plants growing in tree
        stump patch  Images of young shoots under Coconut tree

Shy Herbs in the nursery

Images of herb seedlings in the plant
Ashitaba doing well -Gynura died!

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