Cleaning Up:

          Wednesday 10 December 2014

Image of logs being sawn with a

First Cuts

Images of coconut lumber being cut
        with chain saw

Concentrated Work

Images of coco lumber being sawn

Second Cut

Images of marking out and cutting coco
        lumber with chain saw

Next Tree

Images of coco lumber being made from
        felled trees in garden

Emerging Planks

Images of planks being cut from coco lumber using a
        chain saw

A Pile of Planks and A Bit of Maintenance

After cutting planks a pause to
        correct the saw

From Trees to Logs to Lumber

Images of coco logs and lumber in

Starting a return to normal

Images of piles of chainsaw cut coco lumber in garden

Banana Patch Restored

Images of piece of garden restored after crushed by
        falling coconut tree

More Tidy Piles

Images of piles of lumber in garden
        after sawing up felled trees

Nearly Done

Images of tree trunks being sawn up

Finished for the day!

Images of Coconut tree sawn into logs

Preparing for Hagupit

Hagupit - Tropical Depression 22W
2013 November Typhoon
Typhoon Haiyan -One Year After

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