Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

January 2016:

Image of newly born goat

January 01:

It's a Boy!

Images of newly born goat

Ready for a Family meeting

Images of goats

After a Drink and a Rest

Images of newly born goat

Plenty Seeds and Roots from the Singkamas

Images of Singkamas seeds and roots

Cocoa Pods and Papaya Fruit

Images of Cocoa Pods and Papaya fruit

Lots of Papaya and Jack Fruit growing on Trees

Images of Papaya and Jack Fruit growing on trees

But no Bananas!

Images of Banana trees

January 06:

Cooking Gas Delivered

Images of man delivering bottled gas

Drinking Water Arrives

IMages of man delivering large bottles of drinking

Milk Flows

Images of young kid with mother goat

Visual link to "Water Supply" page
and Emergency Water Supply for us

... but Neighbour's cows seem happy

Images of tethered cows

January 07:

Goat family busy

Images of goats

...but find the baby!

Images of goat kid hid in landscape

January 08:

Christmas Ducks still living together happily in shared family

Images of two duck families mixed together

Some Ducks Fattened and Free -but still hanging around

Images of Ducks after being freed from Fattening Pen

Older seedlings growing in extended garden patch

Images of seedlings growing in extended garden patch

with younger seedlings in more recently sown  patch

Images of young seedlings growing in recently
          renovated garden patch

plus a Patch for Wild Growth

Images of trapical garden patch reserved for wild

with Dry Winged Bean Pods on trees in the Wild Patch

Images of winged Bean pods hanging from trees before
          reseeding themselves
Getting Ready to reseed themselves

and Chillies growing in Northern Stump Patch

Images of Chillies growing in tropical garden

January 09:

Another night time visitor

Images of tropical crab in
              garden at night

January 11:

More night time visitors

Images of tropical frogs visiting a water tank at

While the local residents wonder about the fuss....

Images of young chickens disturbed by torchlight at

January 12:

After finishing the Drainage Channels on Main vegetable patches

Images of unfinished drainage channels around
            vegetable patches

Images of completed drainage Channels around vegetable

Lots of work still to be done....

Images of garden patches around trees in tropical

Images of patches around trees in tropical garden

IMages of unfinished garden patches in tropical

Images of developing garden patch in tropical garden

While Ducks enjoy the Sun

Images of Muscovy ducks sunning themselves

January 13:

First Heavy Rain this Year!

Images of first rain of the year in Baclayon

Ducks and Cat enjoy the Weather

Images of ducks and cat during rain

the Chickens and Pigs rather less

Images of chicks and Pigs during rain

Images of young chicks during rain

January 14:

After the Rain -the fight against the Quagmire

Images of pigs with coconut tree branches in muddy pig

Pomelo , Mandarin and Cashew seeds planted in pots

Images of pots with newly planted fruit seeds

January 22:

Friendly Hernia Patients

Images of two pigs in neighbouring pens

An active garden spider

Images of spider in tropical garden

A sleepy Frog

Images of frog on wall

...with sleepy ducks

Images of Muscovy ducks

but Christmas ducklings doing fine

Images of nearly one month old ducklings

...and new ducklings born today

Images of newly born ducklings

Some Beans, Some Chilli

Images of Beans and Chilli growing

Seeds, sown after rain, begin to sprout

Images of seedlings growing in tropical garden patch

and Pandan Palm fruits planted in pots

Images of "pandan palm" fruit being planted

January 26:

Christmas ducklings now free!

Images of young ducklings free in

Eggplant seedlings transplanted -after rain

Images of Eggplant Seedlings before and after

Some seeds before Planting

Images of various seeds before planting
Squash, Beans, Ampalya, Luffa            Radish and Okra    various garden patches

Images of various patches in tropical garden

and a few more Beans are Collected

Images of beans in various stages during and after

While Penny and Terri repair the Pig Pen again...

Images of women repairing pig pen

January 27:

Rain in the Night -the Quagmire returns

Images of muddy pig pen

Paper bag protecting Sorghum seeds from chickens

Images of sorghum seeds protected from chickens by
            paper bags

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