Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

December 2015:

Image of Papaya tree with fruit

December 01:

Ducks are maturing nicely

Images of Muscovy Ducks in a tropical

and a batch of chickens are nearly ready for releasing

Images of adolescent chicks in coop
        -waiting for freedom

with more in reserve

jmages of chicks and ducklings in

While hens sit

Images of hens on a nest

...and Roosters roam

Images of Roosters running free

The hernia patients seem happy

Images of two pigs with hernia -but surviving ok

The piglets too....

Images of piglets in pen

and fish swim in the pond

IMages of Tilapia in pond

Work continues on improving the drainage and conservation of water

Images of work on drainage border for garden patch

December 02:

Fence chewed by piglets and attempts to stop it by reinforcements

Images of Chewed Pig Pen Fence and s
        to reinforce itattempt

Hopefully, Piglets distracted by reinforcements and extra forage

Images of Piglets chewing on fence
        reinforcement and extra forage

Extra drainage and light for Herb Garden area

Images of improvements to developing
        Herb Garden

...and a Tuko falls from tree to surprise ducks

Images of Tuko on garden path

December 03:

Waiting, Birth, Feeding and Plucking....

Images of Hen sitting, Hen with
        Chicks, Women chopping up chicken food and plucking a duck for

Dressing Duck for Dinner

Images of dead Duck being plucked and

Piglets Bogged down in Mud

Images of Piglets in Muddy Pig Pens

Can Coconut Branches help?

Images of Piglets playing with Coconut Branches in Pen

Unruly Patch Trimmed

Images of garden patch before and after trimming

Piglets enjoying their new Foraging material

Images of Piglets foraging in pen

Preparing for the next re-planting

Images of garden patch being prepared for the next
        planting -after root crops have been removed

.......and work continues on th
e drainage project

IMages of drainage system being dug around tropical
            garden plot

After the Rain comes the Sun....

Images of tropical rain clearing uo

December 04:

Anti-mud system seems to be working -but reinforcement needed

Images of piglets in pen with organic
        material to suck up mud

Free, Open Pollinated, vegetable seeds from the Bohol Provincial Government

Images of free seeds distributed by Bohol Provincial

December 05:

The Battle against the Quagmire continues...

Before and After Images of Organic
        material added to Pig Pen to redce mud

Another attempt to repair the Piglets' pen

Images of repairs to Piglets' pen

Some living succulents -and a possibly dead Stevia

Images of cacti and possibly dead

A start towards organizing the seed collection

Images of seeds loose and in packets

December 07:

Third drainage channel now completed

Image of completed water retention and
        conservation channel around tropical garden patch

...but the Quagmire continues to fight back!

Images of newly placed coconut
        branches in pig pen to suppress mud

December 09:

Under the house -a small fattening pen for young ducklings

Images of small fattening pen for
        young ducklings constructed from string, wire mesh and bamboo

Images of fattening pen for young
        ducklings under construction

Images of fattening pen for young
        ducklings being constructed with string, wire mesh and bamboo

Images of newly constructed fattening
        pen for young ducklings
Constructed with string, wire mesh and bamboo

December 10:

Another Night Time Visitor

Images of Tuko in kitchen at night

Speckled Hen takes her chicks on Safari under the house

Images of Mother Hen with Chicks

Penny and Terry build new protective pen for ducklings expected to hatch soon

Images of women building a new duck
        pen under a house

New Hanging Feeder saves wasted Chick Feed

Images of hanging feeder in Chick pen
Chicks cannot scratch food out onto floor so easily

December 11:

Drainage channel filled with organic material to slow Flow and increase Absorption

Images of drainage channel filled with
        sawdust to slow down flow of water and allow more absorbtion

More Drainage Channels around garden plots

Images of drainage channels filled with organic material
        to collect water in tropical garden

Northern Patch under Renovation

Images of Tropical Garden patch being

December 14:

Improvements to Compost Patches

Images of improved tropical garden

Images of tropical garden patches after improvement

Images of tropical garden patches after improvement

Some Patches still need treatment

Images of tropical garden patches in need of

Local Government Seeds sorted and ready for planting

Images of government seeds sorted and repackaged by
Nine types including beans, vegetables and edible gourds

December 16:

Native Patola (Luffa)

Images of Bohol Native Luffa, seeds
        and fruit

Collecting Rice Hull from the local Rice mill

Images of Rice Hulls being collected from Rice Mill

IMages of rice refuse being collected from local Rice

Refuse collected from Rice Mill

Images of bags of rice hulls and other by-products
        collected from rice mill

The Piglets are given fresh bedding material

Images of Piglets being given a new bed of rice hull

Images of Piglets enjoying new rice hull bedding

December 18:

Penny and Terri chopping coconut for animal feed

Images of women chopping coconut for
        animal feed

Northern Patch Renovated

Images of Tropical Garden patch after renovation

Northern Stump Patch enlarged

Images of tropical Garden patch with tree stump

Western Stump patch under improvement

Images of improvements to garden patch

Four (southern) Renovated Patches

Images of improved Tropical Garden Patches

with One still to go

Image of not yet renovated Tropical Garden Patch

....and Five more waiting

IMages of garden patches waiting for

Already a Few things Growing on newly extended patch

IMages of small plants growing on newly renovated
            garden patch

December 19:

Tropical Depression "Onyok" brings more than 15 hours of rain

Images of tropical December rain

Images of tropical December rain

Images of December tropical rain

Images of tropical December rain

Images of tropical December rain

Images of tropical December rain

Images of tropical December rain

Images of tropical December rain

Bad Drainage

Images of bad drainage after tropical rain
Too Fast -causes erosion

Good Drainage

Image of good drainage after rain
Vegetation helps ground to absorb water

Some Patches seeded directly after rain stops

Images of garden patches newly seeded after rain

Some patches have rice husks applied as Mulch

Images of tropical garden patches with rice husks used
        as mulch material
partly as a decoy -distracting chickens from newly sown patches

December 20:

Singkamas: From Garden to Table

Images of Singkamas -from garden to
        lunch table

December 24:

Netting removed from around patches in Eastern garden

Images of netting being removed around
        tropical garden patches

Emergency repair to Piglet's fence to prevent them from eating their way out

Images of emergency repair to piglet pen -after they eat
        a hole in the fence

December 25:

Born on Christmas Day!

Images of Ducklings born 25 December

Born, Abandoned, Escaped, Bullied and Rescued -all in one day....

Images of abandoned ducklings in pen near older

December 29:

A Tale of Two Mothers

Active Mother and Passive Mother
Images of Muscovy ducks with ducklings

Active Mother insists on escaping -Passive mother takes all
Images of two Muscovy ducks with chicks
Ducklings prefer Passive Mother

December 30:

The Two Mothers seem to have reached a compromise

Images of two ducks with ducklings in
        a single pen

Fattening Pen seems to be working

Images of ducks in fattening pen

Depressed Rooster appears happy

Images of rooster

Other Roosters and Ducks too

Images of Roosters and Ducks

Caged and Free

Images of Poulets in a cage and Hens
        walking free

Terri continues improving drainage ditches around garden patches

Images of drainage ditches being dug
        around Tropical Garden patches

Earlier seeded patch growing nicely

Images of sprouting plants in recently seeded tropical
        garden vegetable patch

December 31:

....and Peaceful co-existence among ducks and ducklings

Images of two ducks with ducklings in
        the same pen

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