Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

June 2015:

Image of a bowl of ripe passion fruit

June 01:

After dinner Nose-Ball

Images of piglet eating and playing

Newly planted eggplants and seedlings in stump patch

Images of plants and seedlings growing
        in garden patch

...and Life goes on

Images of duck with ducklings and

June 02:

Seeds and Seedlings

Images of passion fruit with seeds and
        young passion fruit seedlings
One can eat the passion fruit -and plant it too!

A few drops of welcome rain

Images of light rainfall
1.45 PM

But not enough!

Images of drought stricken garden
2.00 PM and already stopped

Eggplants eaten by neigbour's cow.....

Images of eggplant plants eaten by

June 03:

An invasion of kittens -but who's the father?

Images of kittens and possible

June 04:

Miss Piggy takes a bath

Image of pig being washed

Rain in the night

Images of garden after rain in the

Images of dry garden after rain in the night
Will there be more soon ?

Newly renovated chicken net patches re-sown with chicken seed, etc...

Images of protected coconut patch sown with chicken
        seed, etc...

Images of chicken net protected garden patch sown with
        chicken seed, etc..

Tree Garden patches hopefully recovering from drought

Images of garden patches around trees -near house

June 07:

More rain in the Night!

Images of land and sky -the morning
        after rain in the night
Is the rainy season beginning at last?

An immediate reaction from some plants

Images of garden flowers after the rain

Images of garden flowers after rain in the night

Nursery Plants doing well

Images of nursery plants

Cowpeas growing in Coconut patch

Images of cowpeas, etc... growing in garden patch

Cowpeas and Beans growing in stump patch

Images of Cowpeas and Beans growing in stump patch in

Mother and surviving son

Images of sow and (surviving) piglet
Both enjoying a rest between meals

Some Ducklings survive

Images of baby ducklings
Others have been less lucky

June 10:

Serious daytime rain -at last!

Images of rain
1.00 PM

Images of rain
1.30 PM

June 11:

Extreme anti-chicken protection

Images of anti-chicken netting over
Newly planted chicken feeds

Will these be safe?
Planted with large seeds
Images of newly planted garden patches
 (Okra, Maize, Beans, etc..)

June 12:

More rain today!

Images of rain
12.45 PM

Images of rain

June 14:

Night-time kitchen visitor

Images of Tuko (Gekko) in kitchen at

Intermittent Showers

Images of rain

Images of garden after rain

With new shoots after the rain...

Images of green shoots after rain

June 16:

More new shoots

Images of new shoots in garden patch

Butlig getting bigger too.....

Images of young piglet

June 17:

Young Citrus tree in bloom for first time!

Images of flowering citrus tree
Probably native lime (Calamansi)

June 19:

Rain again!

Images of rain

Floods outside -leaks inside

Images of effects of rain

and drainage is important

Images of garden in the rain

with garden going green again....

Images of (green) garden in the rain

plus a lunchtime visitor

Image of gekko in house

June 20:

Two more night visitors

Images of two different tukos on a
        house beam at night

...and an unwanted day visit from the neighbour

Visual link to "Destruction by Neighbour"

June 21:

More night-time visitors -fed to the tilapia
(photos Fatima Lasay-Batten)
Images of termite swarm being eaten by

...and Butlig tries exploring the garden

Images of pig exploring garden

June 24:

Heavy rain today

Images of heavy rain

Improved drainage around pig-pen and dirty kitchen

Images of improved drainage around pig pen and
        "dirty" kitchen
Thanks to Penny and Terri

....while Miss Piggy enjoys the rain

Images of pig enjoying the rain

June 28:

Butlig enjoying lunch

Images of piglet eating lunch
-been a bit under the weather recently -but now improving

New Neighbours

Images of mother with young ducklings
Born today -and given refuge in the "farrowing area"

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