Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

July 2015:

Image of Piglet and Duck in same pen

July 03:

Garden patches growing -despite lack of sun

Images of garden patches

Images of garden patch

Images of plants growing in garden patches

Compost patches too....

Images of compost heap around coconut tree

Images of compost heap around coconut tree

.....and Eggplant recovering from being eaten by cow

Images of eggplant in garden plot

Safely home alone again.....

Images of Ducklings and Piglet

Area selected for new animal pens

Images of area selected for new animal pens

July 04:

Invaded by Turkeys!

Images of turkeys in garden

Visual link to "Lumber" page
Cutting trees for new animal pens

July 08:

Making sense of the mess

Images of garden patches retrieved
        from under sawdust after felling trees and cuttingup lumber
Getting the garden back from under the sawdust.....

Using the sawdust as compost

Images of sawdust applied to garden patches

Not much happening under the netting!

Images of garden patch covered with a mosquito net to
        protect it from chickens

Images of netting covering garden patch as protection
        against chickens

July 11:

Guyabana (Soursop) tree fruiting

Images of Guyabana tree fruiting

  Turmeric returning

Images of Turmaric growing

Ginger too

Images of ginger growing

and compost heaps recovering as well

Images of plants growing in a compost area under coconut

Images of plants growing in compost patches under
        coconut trees

Still lots of work cleaning up after tree felling

Images of area being cleaned up after tree felling

and hedge area needs cleaning too

Images of hedge area before cleaning up


Igages of garden hedge area after cleaning

..... and a new garden patch area is created

Images of new garden patch area

July 14:

Visual link to "Building Reservoir" web-page
"Building the Reservoir"

July 15:

New Duck Sanctuary

Images of Duck and Ducklings

Images of Ducks and Ducklings
After several ducklings mysteriously got killed

Now ready for planting

Images of new garden patches ready for planting

Anti-chicken protection for newly planted seeds

Images of anti-chickenframe protecting
        seeds in garden

Images of anti-chicken netting
        protecting seeds in garden
Will it work?

July 17:

Butlig has been diagnosed as having an umbilical hernia

Images of pig and hernia
Tomorrow the vet will come and operate

July 18:

Visual link to "Butlig's Operation" web-page

July 19:

Not much to see here....

Images of garden patch with not much to see

....although a few green shoots are found here

Images of garden patch with young shoots

Butlig seems ok after his operation

Images of piglet one day after
          umbilical hernia operation

....but goodbye Miss Piggy!

Visual link to :Death of Miss Piggy" web-page

20 July:

Butlig seems happy -but hungry

Images of piglet 2 days after operation for umbilical

21 July:

Rocks and Soil from Reservoir pit are separated for later use

Images of soil and rocks being

July 22:

Butlig gets his daily post-op examination

Images of post operative piglet being
        examined by owner

Images of piglet with hernia -despite

Despite rain -no growth visible here

Image of garden patch with no
        seedlings visable

Or here

Images of mosquito net covering garden patch

Or even here
after mosquito net removed
Images of garden patch

.... but perhaps some here

Images of young seedlings growimng under anti-chicken
        mosguito net

July 30:

Not Drought yet -but another difficult Dry Spell

Images of a tropical garden in a dry

3 PM -Rain!

Images of tropical rain puddles in

Images of tropical rain puddles in garden

Images of various garden ponds in the

3.35 PM -Sunshine?

Images of ducks during and after tropical rain

July 31:

Today, Overcast -followed by Rain

Images of overcast tropical sky -and rain


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