Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

August 2015:

Image of Garden area before
        construction of animal pens

August 01:

Chickens seem to be surviving ok

Images of chickens

Ducks too.....

Images of ducklings and ducks

and Butlig as well!

Images of piglet

but Eggplants are still struggling in the stump patch

Images of eggplant growing in garden patch around tree

and more Bean Plants than Beans....

Images of Bean plants and their flowers

with a few Grains growing

Images of grains growing in garden

But most of the garden is a bit under the weather.....

Images of garden patch around banana trees
(and the camera is suffering from condensation in the lens too)

August 02:

Butlig fully Recovered from operation?

Images of piglet two weeks after
        umbilical hernia operation
Suture looks clean -and post-operative lump is almost gone

August 05:

Still not much growing here

Images of almost empty garden patch

and perhaps mostly weeds growing here

Images of garden patch covered with mosquito netting as
        protection against chickens

but paths and edges have been weeded

Images of garden paths after weeding
Funny, how the weeds grow so much faster than the plants

August 07:

Butlig's lump seems to be growing again

Images of piglet with suspected
        recurring mbilical hernia
Perhaps caused by (another) recent fall while playing

August 08:

...and still growing

Images of piglet with possibly recurring umbilical

August 09:

Herb Garden:
filled with soil and newly planted

Images of newly started herb garden
Chives, Garlic and Tarragon plus a few seeds

Not much germinating under this net....

Images of garden patch protected from
        chickens but with little seed germination

.....So moved it to here

Images of newly sown protected garden
....and sown with various vegetable seeds

Not much growing here either.....

Images opf protected garden plot with
        little germination

But we keep trying

Images of protected (anti-chicken) garden patches

Including the recently composted patches

Images of recently composted garden patches with crops
Okra, Turmeric, Ginger, Sinkemas, Beans, etc....

....and are sometimes successful!

Images of beans growing and picked

August 10:

Second Chance
Resown with Vegetable seeds mixed with Compost and chopped Coir

Images of newly reseeded protected
        garden patch
Extra protection added against Chickens

August 11:

Work started on the new pig pens

Images of construction of pig pens in tropical garden

August 12:

Already signs of life here....

Images of seedlings growing under
        anti-chicken mosquiti netting in tropical garden

Here too.....

Images of newly born ducklings

So these will be forced to fend for themselves

Images of ducklings in a cage

Meanwhile, work continues on the new pig pens

Images of pig pens under construction in tropical

August 13:

Pig pens nearing completion

OImages of tropical garden pig pens
        under construction

August 14:

New Occupants

Images of young ducklings in pen

New Growth

Images of new seedlings sowed 9 Aug
        and now growing

Work continues

Images of work on pig pen in tropical garden

....and Butlig's hernia gets bigger too

Images of piglet with recurring umbilical hernia

.....but who's been digging up the herb garden?

Images of "Herb Garden" dug up by unknown

August 15:

We explore the possibility of buying piglets from a neighbour

Images of sow with piglets

...and Butlig examines the new pig pens

Images of piglet exploring new pig

August 18:

Ducks are doing well

Images of Muscovy Ducks in tropical garden

But perhaps Butlig somewhat less well

Images of piglet with recurring umbilical hernia

Although new Pig pens are now ready for occupancy

Images of pig pens in tropical garden

August 19:

Mustard Flowering

Images of mustard flowering in
        tropical garden
Hopefully it will spread naturally

Sorghum Seeding

Images of Sorghum seeding in tropical garden

...and two different types of beans

Images of beans growing in tropical garden  Images of winged beans growing in tropical garden

Tree Stump patch is doing quite well
Amaranth                                 Maize                                     Saluyot
Images of various edible plants growing in tropical
        garden patch
Peppers                                      Chili                                       Overview

And another patch is being developed

Images of various edible plants growing in tropical
        garden patch

Cocoa Tree Flowering and Fruiting

Images of Cocoa tree flowering and fruiting

New Seedlings planted in large stump patch
Coffee                                       Mandarin                                      Cashew
Images of young tree seedlings in tropical garden

Images of tropical garden area planted with new tree

Still testing the pig pens

Images of piglet in new garden pen

Images of new pig pens in tropical garden

...and drainage system needs repairing

Images of faulty drainage system in tropical garden

August 20:

Things that go bump in the night!

Images of Gekko fallen from ceiling
Tuko -fallen from ceiling -possibly during a fight

August 27:

Butlig decides that back home is better!

Images of piglet in pen

but Night Mysteries continue.....

Images of mess on balcony caused by
        unknown creature
Where did the mess on the balcony come from?

Images of tropical night
Not a clue to be found anywhere!

August 29:

Final Touches to New Pig pens

Images of new pig pens being painted
        with used oil as protection against rotting
Painting with used oil to protect wood

New Duckling
From a Neighbour
Image of new duckling in pen
To help limit inbreeding

...and New Piglets too

Images of 6 week old piglets in grass pen

Images of 6 week old Piglets
(photo: Fatima Lasay)

August 30:

Drainage Repaired!

Images of buried drainage pipe

New Duckling settling in....

Images of Ducklings in cage

....and a new hedge planted along pig pen fence
To provide fodder for animals
Images of hedge newly planted along a fence

August 31:

Rain Today!
(and last night too)
Images of rain

Garden now nicely refreshed.....

Images of tropical garden after recent

.....and a rosy sunset to end the month

Images of Tropical sunset in garden

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