Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

May 2015:

Image of Passion Fruit growing in

May 02:

10:30 AM -Sunny morning after rain in the night

Images of sunny garden after rain in
        the night

Images of sunny garden after rain in the night

images of sunny garden after rain in the night

01:30 PM -Overcast with short showers

Images of overcast and light rain in the garden

Images of rainy spell in garden

May 03:

Duckpond refreshed with clean water
Two fish died yesterday
Images duckpond being
            refreshed with clean water

Newly planted
pots back in old nursery area

Lemon, Star Anise, Tamarind and Mixed Herbs
Images of newly planted seeds in pots

Other seedlings  in new nursery area

Images of seedlings in nursery area

Beans still growing well in protected patches

Images of beans growing in Banana patch   Images of beans growing in coconut patch

Images of beans growing in stump patch   Images of bush beans growing in banana patch

Northern garden recently cleaned up by Terri

Images of newly cleaned garden plots

While the rest looks pretty barren

Images of drought hit garden

May 04:

New Ducklings

Images of newly born ducklings
Born Yesterday!

Miss Piggy takes a break while finishing touches are added to the maternity suit

Images of men working on pig pen
Bebe and Alex add anti-roll bars to protect piglets

While Terri plants Ubi and similar root vegetables

Images of woman working on root crop patch in garden
Tugi and Ubi

May 06:

Duckpond cleaned again today
Very hot weather encourages algae growth?
Images of algae invested duckpond being refreshede

Ducklings: New, Recent -and Soon to Be!
Images of new, recent, and soon to be ducklings
                                                 Born today                            Born May 3                    Still Waiting....                                               

While Miss Piggy awaits her turn

Images of pregnant pig resting

Recently planted herbs start sprouting
Images of recently planted herbs
        growing in pot

May 09:

11:50 PM -Strange noises in the pig pen

Images of newly born piglets

May 10:

Eight hungry piglets

Images of young piglets in a box
Miss Piggy is shy about feeding them

The Full Litter

Immages of dead, sick and healthy
        piglets from a single litter
2 Born dead, 2 crippled (one more than the other) and 8 healthy

Birthday Flowers

Images of garden flowers

May 11:

Modifications to Miss Piggy's  pen attempting to stop her crushing piglets

Images of newly modified pig pen
(Two healthy piglets crushed in the night)

The Cripple and the Runt finally died

Images of two dead piglets
4 PM                                                                                           3 PM

Six Survivors

Images of live piglets in a box
(However, there are still feeding problems with mother's milk)

Young and Old ducklings eating together

Images of young and old ducklings

May 12:

Second Runt dies in the night
(trampled on by others)

May 14:

Five Hungry Piglets

Images of hungry piglets running
        around in creep space
Farrowing Pen has become a Creep Space as refuge

Miss Piggy enjoys a snooze, a snack and a massage before work

Images of pig sleeping, eating and
        being massaged

Waiting to be let out

Images of piglets waiting to see mother

At Last!

Images of suckling piglets
But still problems with mother's milk -now being hand fed since Monday afternoon

So back home for a snack....

Images of Piglets being fed by bottle

Some Ducklings are adventurous -and others less so......

Images of young ducklings

Newly planted seeds still growing

Images of newly plnted seeds in pots

Those planted earlier too

Images of seedlings in pots

May 16:

My Birthday Celebration Lunch!

Images of Birthday Meal being

Images of food and people waiting

Images of guests gathering

Images of pople eating

Birthday Flowers for me too!

Images of flowers blooming in garden

May 19:

Nice Surprises: A bit of rain in the night.....

......and a Birthday postal packet from the family in Holland

Images of Birthday pacakage arrived by

May 20:

A Good crop of "Tambis"

Images of "Tambis" fruit
(for the chickens too!)

May 25 (Monday):

First warnings of diarrhea

Early warnings of diarrhea

Lazy cat ignoring crisis in pig pen

Image of cat sleeping on balcony

May 26 (Tuesday):

The struggle to provide fluids to keep them alive

Imgages of sick piglet being hand fed

They go to bed -and we prepare for the next session

Images of piglets and supplies for
Feeding every 30 -60 mins. -when they wake up

...and we sleep between meals too...

Images of spmeone sleeping next to pig pen -ready
            for feeding

piglets huddle together -but one dies

Images of sick and dead piglets

We are up all night -but Whitey dies at around midnight

May 27 (Wednesday):

Trying to save the survivors

Images of sick piglets being hand

Our Dinner and Discussion in the pig pen

People eating dinner in the pig
            pen while discussing situation

For the pigs: 6 PM Self-service buffet -with 2 hourly replenishment

Images of sick piglets and their
Not enough helpers -and everybody too tired to stay up all night again

8 PM Feeding

Images of sick piglets
All very weak -will any survive?

10 PM Feeding

Images of sick and dead piglets
Still very weak -and Mr. Spotty dies between feedings

Midnight Feeding

Images of sick piglets
Very sleepy again

May 28 (Thursday):

2 AM Feeding

Images of pig buffet and feeding
A shaky start to the day

4 AM Feeding

Images of pig buffet and feeding
Survivors cheering up -with supplies ready for next feed

6AM Feeding

Images of Pig Buffet and sleepy
Pretty tired again

8 AM Feeding

Images of sick piglets sleeping

More newly born ducklings

Images of newly born ducklings

10 AM Feeding

Images of dead and sick piglets
Piglets cuddled up to dead sister

Midday Feeding

Images of sick piglets feeding
A little late.... but well appreciated....

2 PM Feeding

Images of sick piglets feeding
Blackie is rather sluggish and not eating much

4 PM Feeding

Images of sick piglet

Goodbye Blackie

Image of alive and dead piglet
6 PM                                   7.30 PM

Now it's Sleeping, Playing and Eating for the lone survivor

Images of surviving sick piglet

Who is lonely and now loves playing with his care givers

May 29 (Friday):

The new daytime arrangement

Images of pig pen with surviving

..and newly born chicks too

Images of young chicks

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