Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

September 2015:

Images of coacoa pods growing on tree

September 02:

The Ducks enjoying a life in the sun

Muscovy ducks enjoying life in the
          (tropical) sun

New Ducklings too.....

Ijmages of young (muscovy) ducklings

Some seedlings obviously profiting

Images of garden seedlings protected from chickens

...but others less so

Images of garden seedlings protected from chickens by
        mosquito net

While the Piglets need shade to prevent sunburn

Images of tropical pig pen -with tarpauline to give
        shade and protect from rain

So, is the garden a Desert or a Jungle?

Images of tropical garden

September 08:

What does our afternoon visitor think?

Images of Monitor Lizard in tropical
(monitor lizard)

Now new seedlings growing in recently reseeded patches

Images of seedlings in recently reseeded garden patch

Images of new seedlings growing in recently reseeded garden patch
Images of new seedlings in recently reseeded garden

Coconut Compost patches growing a variety of plants

Images of various plants growing under and around
        coconut trees in tropical garden

A few Winged Beans

Images of winged beans growing in tropical garden

.....and perhaps a few other Beans

IMages of Lima beans growing in tropical garden

Various amounts of growth in main garden area

Images of various patches in main tropical garden area

Turmeric, Various Vines and Ginger  growing together somewhere

Images of plants growing in a tropical garden patch

Various transplanted Tree Seedlings surviving
so far
Coffee, Citrus, Cashew
IMages of tree seedlings planted in
          tropical garden patch

With more seedlings in the nursery area

Images of seedlings in nursery

....and Encouraging Perspectives

Images of tropical garden panorama

Images of tropical garden panorama

Images of tropical garden panaorama

Images of tropical garden panorama

The Piglets seem happy

Images of piglets in tropical garden pen

The Duck too

Images of duck taking a bath

and others as well......

Images of person and cat enjoying the shade on
                the balcony

September 09:

Tilapia in Fish Pond

Images of tropical fish pond with

Ducklings in pen

Images of ducklings in a pen

Beans growing up a fruiting Native Lime Tree

Images of beans growing up Philippine native lime

....and then the wind brings rain to help the plants grow

Images of rain

September 10:

A bit of Sun.... and More Rain...

Images of tropical rain

Images of tropical rain

Images of tropical rain

.....but also Sunshine

Images of tropical sunshine after rain

Images of tropical sunshine after rain

Images of tropical sunshine after rain

September 11:

New Bush Beans sprouting in garden patch

Images of young bean plants sprouting
        in tropical garden patch

Various new shoots in another patch

Images of new shoots in a tropical garden patch

With various plants flowering

Images of various flowers in a tropical garden

And more rain with sunshine

Images of tropical rain and sun

September 12:

Curious pigs -and a dead duckling

Images of pigs looking -and a dead
        dead duckling

Butlig seems happy -despite his hernia

Images of young pig with umbilical

Pig Pen fence replanted

Images of fence with cuttings to form hedge
-further away from fence, to give more sun

September 15:

Vegetables Growing in Garden
Saluyot                     Winged Beans                    Talinum
Images of vegetables growing in tropical garden
Papaya                                      Pandan                        Pancit Pancitan

Harvested Vegetables

Images of vegetables harvested from tropical garden
Winged Beans                                    Papaya                                                Okra

more Rain....

Images of rain in a tropical garden

...and Sunshine again

Images of light after tropical rain

Collected Seeds Ready for Planting
Beans                        Vines                             Others
Images of collected seeds selected
          for planting
         Lima, string, winged, etc..     Luffa, Sinkemas, Squash       Papaya, Saluyot, Okra, Cashew 

September 16:

Deflowered -to make edible roots grow
Images of sinkamas with flowers and with flowers

Happy pigs
while work continues painting wood with protective oil
Images of piglets and man painting pig pen

Unruly Patch

Needs tidying up
Images of unruly tropical garden patch that needs

September 18:

New Water Plants

Images of water plants in tropical
        garden reservoir
(to keep reservoir water fresh)

New Garden Gate

Image of garden gate
(Made by Alex)

Alex and Terri building a new chicken pen

Images of two people building a chicken pen

Newly tidied patch

Images of newly tidied patch

September 19:

Images of tropical rain

Images of tropical rain

Images of water and plants

Images of plants after rain

September 22:

Hernia ward

Images of piglets with hernia
Blackie has half a tennis ball taped to her stomach -to push hernia back

Scratching pen removed from garden patch

Images of scratching pen, intended to
        keep away chickens, before and after removal from plant patch

But the netting is still there....

Images of mosquito net used in tropical garden as
        protection against chickensas

Recently planted Citrus seedlings

Images of recently planted citrus seedlings

Recently planted coffee and cashew seedlings

Images of recently planted cofee and cashew seedlings

Under Development....

Images of tropical garden area under development
....a space for new seedlings

Ducklings finally released from pen

Images of young ducklings recently released from holding
Photo: Fatima Lasay

New ducklings in a new pen

Images of new Ducklings in a new pen
Photo: Fatima Lasay

Blackie is back with her siblings

Images of piglets together in a pen -one has a taped up
        stomach because of hernia
Photo: Fatima Lasay

Another case of "dead cat syndrome"

Images of sleeping cat
Photo: Fatima Lasay

September 23:

Starting to organize the seed bank

Images of collected seeds

September 30: 

Runt and Blackie with Butlig again
 to fatten runt
Images of piglets
-but no tape....

More water plants -but for how long?

Images of water hyacynths struggling
        for survival
                                         Going.....                              Going......                               Gone!

Unprotected areas vulnerable to chickens and ducks

Images of garden patch in tropical garden

Coconut composts continue

Images of plants growing under coconut

Young Luffa

Images of young luffa

Sinkemas seeds and Okra

Images of sinkemas seeds and okra pod

young trees in the nursery

Images of young seedlings in nursery

corner improvements

Images of plantings under banana tree

And an interestingly complex corner patch

Images of corner stump patch in
        tropical garden

Order in the Chaos?

Images of wild growth in tropical garden
Beans                                              Carrot                                              Squash

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