Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

October 2015:

Images of Tlapia in a pond

October 02:

October sun

Images of tropical garden in the sun

Water Lilies still surviving in fish pond

Images of water lillies in tropical

Decorative Features

Images of tropical garden

October Flowers

Images of October flowers in tropical garden

A Tale of Two Pig Pens
One without and one with pigs
Images of pig pens -one with plants and one with pigs

October 09:

A sunny day again -at last!

Images of Tropical garden in the sun

Newly sown Southern garden patches sprouting

Images of garden patch

Images of garden patch

Images of Garden patch

Vine blooming in Vine Patch

Images of vines growing in tropical
        garden patch

October 13:

Sitting Ducks -with a place in the sun

Images of Muscovy Ducks enjoying the

Sitting Hen, New Ducklings and More Chicks

Images of hen, ducklings and chicks

Attempts to tape in Blackie's hernia have failed

Images of piglet with umbilical

Ihid is back with his sisters after belly-nosing Blackie too much

Images of piglets together in pen

Butlig takes some interest in Blackie -but not a lot

Images of Pig

October 14:

Pineapple on Miss Piggy's grave

Images of plants growing around area of a pig's grave in
        tropical garden

A Garden Trim

Images of area in tropical garden before and after

Woodpiles to be tidied up?

Images of wood piles in tropical

Images of coconut and wood piles in
        tropical garden

October 15:

Two Hernias

Images of 2 pigs with umbilical

Newly Hatched Chick

Images of hen with newly hatched chick

Before Finishing Hedge Trim

Images of hedge before finishing trimming


Images of hedge after trimming

October 16:

Red Hen dies in the night -leaving one orphaned chick

Images of dead mother hen, remaining
        eggs and orphaned chick

Buried next to Miss Piggy

Images of Burial and grave of dead chicken in tropical

Netting removed from central patch in Northern Area

Images of removal of netting from garden patch in
        tropical garden

An unwanted Tree before trimming

Images of tropical garden plot before trimming


Images of tropicval garden patch being trimmed


Images of tropical garden patch after trimming

Pigs eating Papaya leaves

Images of pigs eating Papaya leaves

Beans harvested from plant climbing tree

Images of beans

Trimmings used for Edging, Compost, Goat Fodder and Hedge planting

Images of various uses for garden trimmings

October 17:

Wind and Rain -the fringes of Typhoon Lando in the North

Images of rain in tropical garden

October 18:

After the Storm: Windblown Cassava plants

Images of windblown Cassava plants in
        tropical garden after strom

Some debris from Coconut trees

Images of debris from coconut trees in tropical garden
        after storm

Minor damage to a Gmelina tree

Images of windblown Gmelina tree in tropical garden

Easily Cleaned Up

Images of trimmed tree after storm damage

October 19:

A vigorous Chilli Bush

Images of Chillie Bush in tropical
Photos: Fatima Lasay

Young and Old Ampalya

Images of Amplaya gourd
Photos: Fatima Lasay

Guyabana flower on young tree

Images of Guyabana flower
Photos: Fatima Lasay

Mature Guyabano growing on older tree

Images of Guyabana growing

Photos: Fatima Lasay

Gatas-Gatas and various unidentified plants and weeds

Images of various plants and weeds
Photos: Fatima Lasay

October 24:

Asuerte Tree Flowering

Images of Asuerte tree flowering

Collecting Seeds:

Winged Bean
Images of Winged Bean plant and seeds

Speckled Lima Bean
Images of Speckled Lima bean plant and seeds

Red Cow Pea
Images of Red Cowpea plant and seeds

Images of Okra and seeds

Various Sorghum Types
Images of Sorghum and seeds

Images of Cerise seeds and plant

Images of Canus seeds and plant

Flowering Leguminous Tree
Images of flowering leguminous tree and seeds

Images of Chesa tree and seeds

Images of Guyabano fruit, tree and seeds

Cobra Vine

Images of Cobra Vine seeds and plant

Market Squash, Sitao and Pomelo
Images of various seeds

October 31:

Halloween Weather

Images of tropical rain -31st Oct
09.45 AM

Images of tropical Haloween day weather -10:30
10.15 AM

Images of tropical weather -Haloween day 11:15
11.15 AM

Images of Tropical Haloween weather -13:15 pm
01:15 PM

Images of tropical Halloween weather 15:15 PM
03:15 PM

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