Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

November 2015:

Image of monitor lizard hiding behing
        banana tree

November 01:

Monitor Lizard stealing Eggs

Images of monitor lizard stealing
                                                                                                                                                                         fotos: Fatima Lasay

Pigs eating duckling that strayed into pen

Images of pigs eating a duckling that had strayed into
                                                                                                                fotos: Fatima Lasay

November 03:

More Collected Seeds

Images of tambis tree and seeds

Images of Talisay tree and seeds

Narra, Tapay-Tapay and Datura
Images of assorted tropicalseeds from various sources

November 04:

Butlig and Friends

Images of pig sharing food with

Duck with Adopted Chick

Images of duck with ducklings and adopted chick

Twisty and the Others

Images of deformed and normal ducks

November 05:

Piglets happy with newly decorated pen

Images of young pigs in muddy sty with sawdust and

Blackie shows off her umbilical hernia

Image of young pig with umbilical hernia

...and chats to the neighbour

Images of piglet and neighbour

3 Eggs hatch out after being saved from the lizard

Images of newly born chicks

Previous batch still in coop

Images of young chicks in coop with mother

Ducklings too

Images of ducklings in coop

November 15:

Blackie Finally escapes and unites with Butlig!

Images of two neighbouring pigs
        finally united

Images of neighbouring pigs finally united

Images of neighbouring pigs finally united

Images of neighbouring pigs finally united

Images of neighbouring pigs finally united

Images of neighbouring pigs finally united

Images of neighbouring pigs (both with umbilical
        hernias) finally united

ImageImages of neighbouring pigs (both with umbilical
        hernias) finally united

Images of neighbouring pigs finally united
                                                                                                                                        fotos: Fatima Lasay                        

...and the Speckled hen watches

Images of Hen sitting on nest

But the ducks don't seem to care.....

Images of ducks

November 17:

Menage a trois

Images of Rooster with two Hens
        sharing a nest

November 18:

Autumn Rain and Sunshine

Images of tropical rain

Images of piglets in the rain

Images of ducks

Images of piglets after rain

Images of tropical sunshine after rain

Images of sunshine after tropical rain

Hopefully, good for the Beans!

Images of young beans

Images of young beans growing

Images of young beans growing in tropical garden

Images of young beans growing

....and maybe the Herb Garden too

Images of "herb garden"
Garlic, Tarragon and Mint

November 20:

White Yam harvested

Images of White Yam growing and
0ne kilo planted in May -five kilo harvested in November

Two successful water projects

Images of Tilapia pond and water reservoir in tropical
Tilapia Pond                                       Water Reservoir

.....and two less than successful water projects

Images of failed dirty water filter system and duck pond
        full of algae
Dirty Water Filter                                     Duck Pond

Mystery Vine Blooming but not fruiting

Winged Beans Fruiting and Blooming

Images of winged beans blooming and fruiting

Singkemas making roots and sometimes seeds

Images of Sinkemas -making seeds and making roots

Onion Variations

Images of Red Onions, Native Shallot, Spring Onion and
        Garlic growing
Red Onion                                    Native Shallot                                    Spring Onion                                       Garlic   

November 24:

Water Conservation Attempt

Images of tropical garden patch being
        protected against drought -with sawdust and coconut husks to
        collect water
Dig Trench, fill with Organic Material and cover with Garbage or Rocks to trap water

Individual Treatment for Young Trees

Images of young trees getting
        protection from drought, with sawdust and coconut shells to
        ollect and conserve water
Coconut Husks and Chain-Saw refuse

November 25:

Rain Water Run-off and Retention
Visual link to "Rain Water Run-off and
          Retention" web-page

November 26:

Another Water Conservation Trench

Images of draoinage trench around
        tropical garden plot

November 27:

Even More Collected Seeds

Images of Singkemas and seeds

Purple Sitao
Images of purple sitao and seeds

Images of Saluyot and seeds

Californian Sunflower
Images of Californian Sunflower with seeds

November 28:

Night-time visit from a young Tuko

Night time images of young Tuko

Improved drainage -but maybe increased erosion too

Image of improved drainage around house

....but not much noticeable difference here though

Images of rain water run-off during tropical rain

Limited Flooding by side gate

Images of limited flooding by side gate after tropical

November 29:

Our generous "Chesa" tree even delivers into the bedroom.....

Images of Chesa tree with fallen

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