Interpreting Motives:

Let us remember:

John Clare, the poet of the environmental crisis – 200 years ago

"On Friday I'll mark John Clare Day. This great poet showed how the era of greed began with the enclosure of the land" <>

...and don't let us forget the effects of Thomas Malthus -who taught us that poverty is an infectious disease spread by poor people....

So, if you still believe it is all the "unavoidable march of progress":

Finance industry's multimillion-pound lobbying budget revealed

"Investigation shows sector spent £92m in 2011 to secure favourable policy changes as part of 'economic war of attrition'" <>

..... Or doubt the screw-up value of good intentions:
10 July 2012 Last updated at 01:44 GMT

"Trinidad leatherback turtle hatchlings crushed"

"Thousands of leatherback turtle eggs and hatchlings have been crushed by bulldozers on Trinidad's northern coast, conservationists say. Workers had been called in to redirect a river that was eroding Grande Riviere beach, in front of a hotel used by tourists to watch the turtles. Environmentalists say workers botched the job and destroyed some 20,000 eggs. The mile-long stretch of beach is regarded as a leading nesting sites for the biggest of all sea turtles."

Could it all be the fault of the turtle -the result of commercially prostituting its shameless exhibitionism so blatantly?

-Makes you wonder what hope there is for mankind -when faced with such morally degenerate turtles!


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