Aim of the Project:

This project is not intended to give quick, simple and absolute answers to basic questions. It is more an attempt to increase our freedom of action by expanding our thinking process to give us more choices in the ways we describe the the world around us -and the way we act within it (as a result of the way we believe the world to be). Perhaps in an attempt to make it into the world we would like it to be.

The project hopes to suggest ways of exploring old problems in new ways. However, this may itself introduce other (perhaps new) problems -including the problematic relationship between concepts such as abstraction and materialization and the interaction between description and behavior). Hopefully, an increased understanding of the nature of conceptual space will help us to construct, organize and successfully navigate the complex conceptual space that our investigation may create. Later, we may discover that there is no clear cut division between problem and answer -that the question often defines the answer -and that answers often generate new questions.

Initially, this may seem quite frightening. However, as we proceed, not only shall we experience intellectual pleasure in constructing and navigating the maze -hopefully, we shall also discover that our developing skills can prove very useful in many different practical ways.

To make things simple, we shall start with the conceptual categories listed on the main page. However, these may change as the project develops.

Studying this process of internal, evolutionary, creative, change is considered an important part of the project and will be documented and exploited as much as possible.

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Trevor Batten
Baclayon January 2011