Social Sytems:

A Machiavelian, Orwellian, Global Media based Manifesto for World Domination:

Basic Strategy:
-Undermine the national education sytems of the world by commercialising them, so that they serve commercial and not social interests
-Undermine the national information sytems of the world by commercialising the media industry, so that people only get told what the companies want.
-Prevent the public from getting a general understanding of their social context by splitting up the media into specialised channels, so that people will focus on their favourite form of distraction and never get information regarding other areas or viewpoints.
-Programme people by destroying their cultural, emotional, intellectual  and physical environments.
-Support the commercial entertainment system by destroying all forms of local non-commercial and self-organised entertainment.
-Show only mind-numbing entertainment which only appeals to the baser instincts and does not provide any insight into local contemporary conditions.....
-Undermine national economies through cheap imports which keep people poor, so there will always be a need for "low-wage" slash and burn economics
-Turn "culture" into "lifestyle", so culture can be commercially marketed after becoming socially ineffective
-Destroy all real competion, do not allow people to unite for discussion and investigation of practical solutions for their problems.
-Maintain a sense of insecurity by developing and maintaing a state of crisis.
-Exploit all opposition by criminalising it, so you can "fight crime" without appearing to be undemocratic
-Undermine the civil/democratic system by promoting personal greed
-Create problems, so that you can earn money by "solving" them (while creating new ones)......
-Make sure that your own assets are safe, so that you can escape when the system inevitably collapses

How to Divide and Conquer:
-Exploit war as an efficient system of destruction and consumption by increasing your production and destroying the rest
-Always have an enemy to fight against
-Always have your wars on foreign soil
-Always support dictators that support you -but "liberate" the people of those that oppose you -so they will be grateful and you can rebuild their country in your own image
-Keep the people ignorant
-Keep the people competing against each other
-Keep the people jealous of each other
-Provide special advantages for selected groups, so they'll feel superior to others
-Keep the people focussed on trivial things -so they'll miss the big picture
-Keep the people too busy fighting to stay ahead -so they have no time to think properly about their situation
-Tell the people that you are great and that they must support you
-Tell the people that all their sacrifices will be rewarded in the future
-Always blame defeat on others
-Remember, with a popular vote, one only needs to satisfy (or scare) 51% of the people -and they can make life hell for the remaing 49% with impunity.

How to cheat convincingly:
-A good lie must be credible. do not tell lies but "modify" the truth, a half truth is more convincing then a whole lie.
-Keep promoting confusing and conflicting facts and theories, so nobody can understand what's really happening.
-Keep repeating the lie until nobody questions it any more
-Educate people to concentrate on simple practical things and not to question the way things actually work
-Concetrate on polishing your presentational propaganda and ignore any structural problems that may be developing.
-Use "spin"  and Orwellian "newspeak" to convince people that the reality is the direct opposite of that which they experience in their lives
-Blind peole with irrelevant facts by telling them that expenditure has increased and so performance must be improved
-Make sure that commercial companies owned by your family and friends can profit from investments in public infrastructure
-Keep the people fooled (by distracting them with trivial information and games) and leave the problems for your successors to solve.
-Use "free speech" to silence people by saying: "We all  have a right to our own beliefs"  -so one can then ignore their beliefs while forcing them to respect yours.
-Use "democratic debate" to undermine democracy by cherry picking ideas and using oppositional ideas to disarm opponents -so one can force through one's own plans with the minumum of modification and resistance.
-Infiltrate the activist and advocacy groups not only for inside information but also so you can direct them in self-destructive directions.
-Infiltrate the media to prevent any dissident or contrary information or viewpoints from being seriously expressed.
-Make sure that there are apparently many alternative "communication channels" but that thay all promote basically the same ideas.
-Reduce media coverage of all important issues to simple sound-bytes or headlines -so complex issues cannot be expressed
-Always reduce complex issues to an argument between two irreconcilably opposed opponents  -so compromise becomes difficult
-Always give people a choice between a bad plan that supports your interests and an even worse plan which they'd be mad to accept.

How to programme people by destroying their local environment:

Persuading people to behave differently can be difficult -but if you can change their environment then they will be forced to modify their actions in order to survive in the new environment.

How to encourage people to lead a life of misery:
-Encourage people to believe useless luxuary products are essential
-Never let them be be satisfied, always encourage them to want more
-Do not encourage them to work or save for anything, but always to demand instant gratification of all desires....
-Never allow people to ask how the systems actually work....
-Never allow people to look for alternatives....
-Never allow people to ask who really pays the price for them....
-Always prevent, by any means possible, any discussion that might lead to an understanding of the system.
-Make people realise that their jobs (and their lives) are at stake if they question the system

How to promote corruption:
Make Social Status dependant on Material Possesions
Make Social Oportunities dependant on Social Status
Make Social Outcasts of those with low social status
Pay low (government) wages in a high cost  environment
Encourage illegal profits to be laundered via investments in legal businesses,
Encourage personal  greed and selfishness on an individual level -and allow corruption to undermine respect for public service.
Encourage unscrupulous people to gain positions of power (government, police, etc) so they can undermine any control system that might be able to remove them.
Develop the links between commercial service industries, commercial advice bureaus and government posts through mutual emploment and recruitment schemes
Base all decisions on personal profit
Sack everybody who asks intelligent questions.

How to undermine an economy and make money by providing the essentials of life:
-Import cheap goods that destroy local products by undercutting them -so that local people  become unemployed and need to buy cheap goods in order to survive.
-Pollute the water, so that people need to buy clean fresh water
-Pollute the air, so that people need to buy fresh air
-Make the environment dirty, smelly and noisy, so that you can create expensive protected areas for rich people to live in
-Encourage people to be greedy, dishonest, selfish and violent, so you can sell security by creating safe enclaves complete with security fences and armed guards to protect the rich from the people that they exploit.
-Keep people so busy surviving (or enjoying themselves) that have no time to think about the consequences of the lives that they lead

Some potential Problems with such systems:


If symptoms persist, then do not consult anybody who is showing similar symptoms.....

Those who are excluded from the benifits of society cannot be blamed for not following the rules that society imposes upon them.
A farmer can get more milk from a happy, fat, healthy cow than from a miserable, thin and sickly one.....
Prevention is better than cure...... and a stich in time saves nine.....
We have machines to do the work -humans should do the thinking!

What Kind Of A World Would You Like To Live In?

-A World based on Agressive Competition -or Friendly Cooperation?
-A World based on Global Dominance by a Single Super Power, Competing Nation States -or Something Else?
-Are the People there for the Government -or the Government there for the People?
-Do outside governents have the right to interfere in your County's Affairs -or would you like to have Outside Help?
-Are Commercial Interests or Collective Interests the most important?
-Should Commercial Companies, NGO's  or Elected Governments have the most Power?
-Does "The Pusuit of Happiness" represent the highest point of human ambition?
-Is there really a "social contract" between the governed and those that govern?
-Do people really have a (free) choice?
-Does it matter how Your Country is run -or who runs it?

Do we really not need to worry about what happens under the motor cap?

Towards A More Optimistic Approach:

Trevor Batten
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May/June/September 2006