Some Simple but Efficient Solutions for Complex Problems?

You are right: Work done well brings harmony -and work done well together with others brings happiness to all parties involved. People do need people to be nice to them. Ideally, we should all be nice to each other -and then there would be no need for anybody to struggle against others.

Maybe circumstances force elderly woman to go through underpass and she get swept away by too powerful current. Perhaps this cause earthquake in your heart too. It is said that nature hates a vacuum -so perhaps we should be very careful not to leave big, empty and destructive holes in other people's hearts. Unfortunately, sometimes our own needs make it difficult for us to be correct towards others. With equilibrium restored -everybody can enjoy harmony and feel safe.

Lucky Monkey <>

Towards Practical Solutions?

Perhaps the way to deal with the relationship between Society, Art and Technology can be found through the development of the following themes:

1.0    Thinking in terms of dynamic Processes and Models -instead of Representations of Objects
    (Things in Systems)
              (A paradigm shift towards a dynamic self-interacting and evolving universe)
              (exploring relationships  -information and process)
              (relationships between Object, Process, Potential  and Actual)
              (Conceptual Categories and the Creative Process:)
    (Perfect Practice)

2.0    Cooperation through Dialogue (People (often) need People):
              (we are social animals with complex emotional needs)
              (Many hands make light work)
              (dependant and independant dependencies)
              (The need for safe spaces where a range of new ideas can develop)
              (The need for organisational rules?)
              (Websinig & Kuro)

3.0   What goes around -comes around (The Chicken and the Egg):
             (problem Solving and Karma)
             (People are often part of the problem that they are trying to solve)
             ("mirror" needed to allows us to see the results of our own actions more clearly -so we can understand things better)
             (Art as Formal System)

5.0   Understanding, Exploring and Developing the Relationships between Things (The Computability Problem):
             (Culture as Algorithm)
             (Art as Theraputic Simulation)
             (Simulation -a tool for testing Algorithms)
             (The need to understand the complexities of the complete space)
             (Random Ramblings Concerning Art)
   (Paul Klee (The Thinking Eye) -movement in space and time)

6.0   Developing and Maintaining a Dynamic Balence (The Aesthetic Equilibrium):
             (Language as Logic)
             (Grammar as Control system)
             (Finding the balence between Differences and Transitions)

Big and Small Brushes:

If the above is a good analysis of the complex problem space involved in relating Society, Art and Technology -then all the various other bits and pieces of the puzzle should relate to one (or more) of the above......

With  gratitude and thanks to Fatima Lasay <> who inspired some of the key thoughts expressed above.

Trevor Batten
  <trevor at>
Manila,  September 14, 2006