Asking the Right Question(s):

Ask and it shall be given!

Modern global culture seems to be based on the principle of commercial companies providing clients with the goods and services they ask for (generally as quickly and efficiently as possible) -provided of course that these can be paid for. It's a world where beggars can't be choosers -but those with enough money can get whatever they wish for.

Underlying all this is the computer -a magic "ghost in a box" that will answer all our questions, satisfy all our immaterial needs and fulfill all our our requests for information and entertainment.

However, i am old enough to remember charming children's stories where people discovered a magic genie living in a bottle who would grant them three wishes. Somehow, the genie (the genius?) knew how to interpret the wishes in ways that were completely at variance with that which the person asking truly desired.

So perhaps we should be very careful about what exactly we are asking for. Defining the question can be a problem, if one wishes to get what one truly wants -without being given something that one doesn't want.

Effective problem solving often seems to involve spending as much (or perhaps even more) time on examining the question as it does in discovering the answer.

So What's the question?

This site is intended as an exploration of these (and perhaps other) problems. It is not intended to preach solutions -but to try and define the complex, interlocking set of questions that we seem to need to answer if we wish the human race to keep living on the planet Earth.

IF questions and answers define each other -then we may need to try better to understand the way problems, questions and answers interact with each other. Hopefully, the better we understand the problems -the easier it will be to ask the "right" questions in ways that will encourage us to look for solutions in more creative (and hopefully more successful ways).

In this sense, it may sometimes be difficult to know whether something is an answer, a question -or a problem.....

....but Where can the Answers (and questions) be Found?

.......and Can we Trust them?

Is there  Medium, Method and Meaning in our Madness?

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Trevor Batten
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