Trevor's Think Tank:

This site is not about persuading people to do something (good or bad)
-it is about active learning and thinking about the world we live in:

However, it is also about me (as an artist) trying to understand myself and the world I live in
-by interacting with it and thinking about the results.

Hopefully, it will also be of interest to other people who are interested in changing the world
(and/or themselves)

So basically it is also about "change":

                     Trying to understand the connections between these things
........... how they relate to each other in practical ways.

And trying to understand and develop the "medium" (or media)
 that might be used to effect any such change in myself or the world.

So what should we do first?

Looking at the World
Asking the Right Questions
Changing the World
Why do Things Go Wrong?
Does it Matter if things Go Wrong?

Some of the above issues are developed further here:

The ISSUE - A Periodical


While others are explored here:

The Two Cultures Problem


The Short Answer....


...and later the Long One

Towards a Integrated Science


Trevor Batten
<trevor at tebatt dot net>
Baclayon 2012