Non-Issue: The Answer?

From: Trevor <>
To: Unspecified Friends
Subject: The Answer?
Date: Wed, 30 May 2018 20:34:40 +0800

 Hi Everybody,

As a result of our recent discussion, I suggest:

Art (in its various sensory forms) is about "Language" (in a broad sense).
A Language is primarily a medium for the construction of "Simulations"

Making a "statement" in a specific Language involves "Articulating" the basic elements of that language to form a coherent whole, which can function as a Simulation.
A Well Formed Statement within a Language (for example, an artistic composition) is basically a "simulation" of something (either existing or non-existing).

A "Simulation" is a "model" of something -such that it can be used as a (safe) laboratory to explore that which is being simulated -without risking any dangers that might occur if one performed the same actions on that which is being simulated.

A "Simulation" is therefore primarily a tool of "Divination" -which enables one to "Calculate" (i.e simulate) outcomes -without actually having to perform the required operations on that which is being simulated.

So, Art is about gaining wisdom (for the artist/shaman):
  -It is not (or should not be) about "Expression"
  -it is not (or should not be) a profession
  -and it is not (or should not be) a commodity for sale.

Building a good "simulation" -is, like any skilled operation, a "Craft".
An "Artist" is an artisan skilled in the construction of simulations.

A "Simulation" has nothing to do with "true" or "false":
 It does what it does and can't do what it can't do.
 So, it is about "Possibilities" and "Impossibilities" (under certain conditions).

A "simulation" is therefore concerned with "Definitions" and "Relationships" and the "Consequences" of making such decisions while constructing the Simulation.

...and now perhaps -back to the garden..... and some "real" work....



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