July Storm:

 -19 July 2017

YesterdayI didn't buy camera as intended....

The shop where I'd bought the previous one didn't have the one I wanted and it seemed silly to buy something else until I'd searched the whole town....

.....and then I was too tired to go back....

However, I'm now being punished for it (of course).....

Images of aftermath of tropical July

Last night, our electricity disappeared again around 5.30 PM (for some unknown reason) and then suddenly in the night (around 9 PM) we were surprised by a sudden storm -with high winds with lots of rain.....

In the morning, we discovered that at least one reason for (our blackout) was that a cable along the road had broken.

Apparently one that went to our junction box -because many others houses were no longer affected by the power cut.

However, we'd lost our electricity long before the storm broke and so it seems that there there were two "blackouts": The main (general) one -which lasted until around midnight -and our private blackout which went on until 11.30 AM this morning.

Images of afternmath of tropical storm

This morning, we woke up to quite a bit of storm damage.

Luckily nothing too serious: Mostly (large) papaya trees with their tops broken off.

Fortunately, we had earlier had a few cut down after the lads had finished the pig pen. One had fallen on the roof of the new external kitchen -but there doesn't seem to be any serious damage....

Images of aftermath of local tropical storm

So, after feeding the animals, we a lot of work in the garden clearing up the mess.

Now we have lots of leaves for animal fodder, plus several papaya tops to feed to the pigs, some unripe fruit to cook as vegetables -and some stumps to put around the borders of various garden patches....

Images of aftermath of local tropical

Images of damage by local tropical storm

Images of damage done by local tropical storm

Images of clearing up after local tropical storm

Images of cleaning up after local tropical storm

As a result, nothing was wasted
 -and the rain and the sun are making the garden grow like I've never seen it before....

Images of clearing up after local
        tropical storm

The Animals enjoyed themselves too!

Images of leves collected after
        tropical storm being used as animal fodder

......and I was able to tape up the battery box on my camera with some duct tape.
Although I did not buy the camera, I did buy some (vegetable) seeds for the garden
 -so this afternoon, I hope to do some of the work I was planning to do this morning....

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