Country Life:

Visual link to "Coconut Sacrifice" Coconut Sacrifice:   Visual link to "Dividing the Pig"Dividing the Pig!  

Visual link tp
          "Repairing the Roof"Repairing The Roof:         Visual link to "Visit to Buenaventura"Visit to Buenaventura:

Visual link to "End of the Year for Dindin"End of the Year for Dindin:
Visual link to "Goodbye DinDin III"
Good Bye Dindin III

link to "At Home"
                  articles from BBCAt Home?  

            link to "Birth of a New Kid"    Visual
            ;link to "PIGLETS" page
   Birth of a New Kid                                                       PIGLETS

Visual link to "Destruction by Neighbour"
Destruction by Neighbour 

Visual link to entry on construction of animal pens in
          the garden
Constructing New Animal Pens

Visual link to "Building Reservoir" web-page
Building the Reservoir

Visual link to "Butlig's Operation" web-page                  Visual link to "Death of Miss Piggy" web-page
                                                        Butlig's Operation                                                          The death of Miss Piggy

Visual link tp "skin Problems" web-page     Visual link to "Rain Water Run-off and
              Retention" web-page
Skin Problems                                                Rainwater Run-off and Retention

Visual link to "Collected Seeds" web page         Visual link to "Emergency Water Supply"
Collected Seeds (2015)                                   Emergency Water Supply

Visual link to webpage documenting the slaughter of
In Memory of Blackie

  Visual link to Home Prcessed Meat web page        Visual link to Home Processed Meals page
             Home Processed Products                                   Home Cooked Pork Meals

Visual link to "Holiday Visitors" web page         Visual
          link to "Piglets 2016" web-page
Holiday Visitors                                                             Piglets 2016

Visual link to Goodbye Butlig" web page
Goodbye Butlig

Visual link to "More Piglets" web page          Visual
          link to page on Birth of Piglets
2016 -More Piglets                                                                   2016 -Even More Piglets

Visual link to page on castration of piglets
Piglet Castration

        link to "Number One serves the Community" web page                    Visual
        link to web page on Boar Brownie
                                              Number One serves the Community                                                   Boar Brownie

Visual link to "Auntie Brownie's first
                      Farrowing" webpage       Visual Link to "Rescued Tamsi"
Auntie Brownie's First Farrowing                            Tamsi Rescued                                                    

Visual link to "Leyte Earthquake" webpage      Visual link to July storm webpage
Leyte Earthquake                                                  July Storm

Visual link to "Harrowing Farrowing" webpage
Harrowing Farrowing

            Link to "Summons" web page       Visual Link to webpage on Neighbour's drainage system       Visual Link to "Getting Wired" web page
          The Summons                                                      Neighbour's Drainage                                                 Getting Wired    

            Link to "the Wall" web page
The Wall

Visual Link to "Goodbye Ihid-II" web page       Visual link to "Auntie Brownie's Second
            Farrowing" web page
Goodbye Ihid-II                                                    Auntie Brownie's Second farrowing

Visual link to "No,Three;s third farrowing"
No.Three's Third Farrowing

Visual link to "Piglet Survival Log"
Piglet Survival Log

            Link to "goodbye Tablea"        Visual
            link to "Goodbye Ihid_III"    Visual Link to "Birthday Celebrations"           
Goodbye Tablea                                                  Goodbye Ihid III                                              Birthday Celebrations

Visual Link to "constructed Wetlands" web
            page     Visual
            Link to "Goodbye Talisay"
Constructed Wetlands                                       Goodbye Talisay!

Visual Link to "Brownie's Third Farrowing"
            web page     VisualLink to "Goodbye Ihid IV" web page
Brownie's Third Farrowing                                    Goodbye Ihid IV  

  Visual Link to"No. Three's Fourthe
              farrowing" web page
          No.Three's Fourth Farrowing

Visual Link to Manila Holiday web page
2018 Holiday in Manila

              link to "Goodbye Ihid V" web page             Visual link to "Goodbye Trees" web page
Goodbye Ihid V            Goodbye Trees

Visual Link to "Brownie's Fourth Farrowing"       Visual Link to "Goodbye Lucky" web page
Brownie's Fourth Farrowing                                                          Goodbye Lucky

  Visual link to "Trip to Cebu" webpage    Visual link to May 2019 birthday webpage
     Trip To Cebu                                                         Birthday Lunch

Visual Link to "No.Three's Fifth Farrowing"
No.Three's Fifth Farrowing

Visual link to "A Curious Birthday" web page      Visual link to "Goodbye No.One" web page
A Curious Birthday                                              Goodbye No.One       

Visual link to "Goodbye No.THree web page     Visual link to "Goodbye Brownie Web page
Goodbye No.Three                                             Goodbye Auntie Brownie

Visual link to Wrong Step webpage      Visual link yo "Another Trip To Metro manila"
            web page
                          A Wrong Step                                        Another Trip To Metro Manila              

Visual link to may 2020 birthday page       Visual link to "Piglets Again" webpage       Visual link to a tropical backyard Boar getting his
            tusks trimmed
         Another Birthday                                                    Piglets Again!                                         Pinkie Gets His Teeth Cut    

Visual link to "Goodbye Pork" webpage
Goodbye Pork

Visual link to Beans second parity web page
Beans' Second Parity

Visual link to "Tree Cutting" webpage
More Tree Cutting

Visual Link to "Goodbye Ihid VIII"
Goodbye Ihid VIII

Visual link to Typhoon Rai            Visual link to Beans' Third Parity
                  Typhoon Rai                                                                 Beans' Third Parity   

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