Project Number/Space

Visualizing Numbers as Dimensional Objects

-and Dimensional Objects as Numbers


Dedicated to Those Who Hate Mathematics

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Introduction -The Semantics of Mathematics:

Below are details of an interesting video for those who take mathematics too seriously. Basically, the problem is how can one define the fundamental building blocks on which Mathematics is based?

Personally, I suspect the problem comes because we seem to see "numbers" as the basis for mathematics -and "numbers" as objects -which are then difficult to define except in terms of other objects.

The solution, I believe, might lie in a shift in perception -away from mathematical "Objects" and towards "Processes" and "Relationships".

But even if this does not solve the theoretical problem -it is always fun playing with the patterns that underlie mathematics.... and maybe playing with pattern is what mathematics really means.....

Crisis in the Foundation of Mathematics | Infinite Series
What if the foundation that all of mathematics is built upon isn't as firm as we thought it was? Note: The natural numbers sometimes include zero and sometimes don't -- it depends on how you define it.  Within logic, zero is always included as a natural number.

Mathematics is cumulative --it builds on itself. That’s part of why you take math courses in a fairly prescribed order. To learn about matrices - big blocks of
numbers - and the procedure for multiplying matrices, you need to know
about numbers. Matrices are defined in terms of - in other words, constructed from more fundamental objects: numbers.



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Number Processing Patterns:

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Number Spaces:

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Dimensions of Space:



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