Space as Language (towards metamorphology):


This hypermedia document is another step in my (perhaps foolish) attempt to unify, test and develop the various (artistic?) activities that have kept me busy/frustrated/angry/fascinated over a number of years -and have eventually culminated in this project.

The document is therefore both a documentation of work done, a tool for clarifying and understanding that work within its conceptual framework -and a medium for developing that work further.

I also hope that both this document and the work in general will act as a model and a metphor for what one might call "The Creative Process".

A second, important and supporting (underlying?) theme is the (potential) role of  Formal Systems  (in Art and  Society). In the art-historical context of this document, a concideration of any formal aspects of art also involves concideration of the (potentual) role of the Computer in Art and one should also concider the implications of formal systems for non-computational art.

For those who would like to see some structure in this conceptual maze, here is a conceptual framework.

Basic Conceptual Components:

As the title might suggest, this document breaks down into the following main sub-areas:

As a result of developing slowly over the years and being influenced by a wide range of people, ideas and experiences (see Credits below) this document (working process) also has a historical background but is basically the responsibility of a single person -although the importance of the dialogue with Fatima Lasay should not be underestimated.


I'd like to thank all those (both friend and foe) who have contributed to the dialogue which underlies this work.

However, at the risk of overlooking somebody who should be included, I'd like to give special mention to:

Trevor Batten
Manila, March 2006

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