Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

April 2016:

Image of pineapple growing

April 01

Jack Fruits  growing

Images of Jack Fruit growing on tree

Pineapple too

Images of Pineapple plant fruiting

Sausages -Dried....

Images of sausages drying in the tropical sun

....or Smoked

Images of sausages being smoked on tropical balcony

Bone Soup with Dinuguan for lunch

Images of bone soup and dinuguan

A few drops of rain -but garden drying out

Images of water and dry garden

Fried Sausage and Camote snack

Images of Fried Camote (with sausage) snack

Sitting hen hatches chicks

Images of sitting hen with chicks

Braised Pork Loin for evening meal

IMages of Braised Pork Loin

April 02:

Hen with newly hatched chicks being moved to a safer place

Images of nesting Hen with chicks
        being moved to safer place

Images of nesting Hen with chicks being moved to safer

Soup with Sausage and Pork Loin for lunch

Images of bone soup with sausage and
        pork loin

A few more raindrops, washing brought in -but little effect on the garden

Images of few drops of rain and parched tropical garden

Images of effect of a few raindrops on tropical garden

Another hen brings her chicks to the creche

Images of hen with chicks near temporary pen with
        another hen with chicks

The last of the soup -with Tocino for evening meal

Images of bone soup and Tocino meal

April 03:

Leaving seven eggs behind
Images of "Missing Hen" poster

Homemade Bacon with Eggplant Salad

Images of Homemade Bacon with Eggplant salad

Last hope for saving garden from Drought

Images of dry tropical garden being watered by hand

Images of dry tropical garden being watered with a hose

Boiled Hock with Samosa and Papaya

Images of Bolied Hock with Samosa and

April 04:

Damp earth and leaks in roof after a little rain

Images of earth and leaking roof after
        slight rain

...but then the sun

Images of sun shining in tropical bedroom

Humba with fried cabbage and Chinese celery for evening meal

Images of Pork Humba and fried cabbage

April 05:

A bit more rain today -but not much

Images of small amount of tropical

Homemade Sausage with pasta for evening meal

Images of Pasta with sausage

April 06:

Goats relaxing after breakfast

Images of goats and goat pen in
        tropical garden

Hungarian Beans planted in cool patch behind the Goat Pen

Images of Beans planted in garden

Bacon, Humba and Fish for Lunch

Images of Bacon, Humba and Fish lunch

Cinnamon Bacon Balls in Tomato Sauce for evening meal

Images of Cinnamon bacon balls in tomato sauce

April 07:

Lemon Seeds planted in a pot

Images of Lemon seeds planted in a

Hen sitting on pile of sacks

IMages of hen sitting on nest in a pile of sacks

Another area behind Goat Pen renovated and planted with various house and imported Beans

Images of tropical garden patch before
        renovation and planting

Images of tropical garden patch after
        renovation and planting with various beans

April 08:

One Cactus pot unveiled and a New one seeded

Images of cactti on tropical balcony

Images of recently sown and recently sprouted cacti

Young Ducklings released from Fattening Pen

Images of young ducklings released from fattening pen

April 09:

New Ducks arrive -bringing more Genetic Variety

Images of new ducks arriving at
        tropical home garden

Recently released Ducks enjoy Breakfast

Images of young ducks eating

.....and then check out the New Arrivals

Images of Muscovy ducks looking at new arrivals

Garden patches planted with Hungarian Paprika, Tomato and Parsley seeds

Images of various tropical garden patches recently
        planted with Paprika and Tomato seeds

Large Water Snail in Fish Pond

Images of large tropical water snail

Egg Foam near Water Reservoir

Images of Egg Foam near tropical water reservoir

April 10:

Cacao pods Harvested and Opened to allow Fermentation

Images of Cacao beans

April 11:

Material arriving for Renovation of Pig pen

Images of material arrivung for
        renovation of Pig Pen

Lemon seeds starting to sprout?

Images of recently planted lemon seeds sprouting in a
(planted April 07)

Coriander roots planted in Pot with Ashitaba

Images of Coriander rootsplanted in a pot
(next to pot with Parsley)

The Neighbours decide to burn some dry leaves

Images of smoke in tropical garden

Images of burning leaves in tropical forest area

April 12:

Butlig  gets a wooden feeding trough

Images of making a wooden trough as
        part of pig pen

Images of building a wooden feeding trough into a pig
        pen fence

Images of Pig testing new wooden feeding trough built
        into pig pen

The Two Girls get one too!

Images of wooden Pig's feeding trough being
            built into wall of pen

Images of building wooding feeding trough

Images of building a wooden feedin trough into a pig
            pen wall

Images of installing wooden feeding trough in pig

No. Three has a Genital Problem

Images of female pig's genital
(Possibly caused by rubbing on Concrete are in Pig Pen)

Concrete Removed from Pen and put in Water Feature

IMages of Concrete being removed from
        pig pen

Terri levels Butlig's pen with sand

Images of woman leveling pig pen with

Preparing to replace the Pig Pen tarpaulin

Images of cleaning up Pig Pen before renewing Nipa roof

Mahogany Husks drying out in the sun before being used for Cooking Fire

Images of Mahoghany pods drying in the
        sun befoee being used for cooking fire

Mother Hen teaching her chicks how to destroy the garden in search of termites and other insects

Images of Hen with chicks scratching
        up tropical garden

April 13:

The Tarpaulin roof is replaced by Nipa

Images of construction of nipa roof for pig pen

Images of constructing a nipa roof on a wooden pig

No. Three gets a painting with antibiotic

Images of pig's genitals being painted with

Area around Northern pig pen cleared up

Images of rubish around pig pen -waiting to be

Images of tidied up area around pig pen

...with discarded wood used in the garden to line paths -or as support for climbing plants

Images of discarded wood in the garden ready for use
            to line borders and as support for climbing plants

Strange Amber globules on Citrus tree

Images of Amber globules found on young citrus tree

No. Three sleeping in feeding trough while waiting for Nipple Drinker to be installed

Images of pig lying in feeding trough

...with patience rewarded at last

Images of imstalation of a Nipple Drinker for pig

Ducks start laying eggs again -the first time this year

Images of newly laid Muscovy duck eggs hidden
            bettween sacks in a tropical garden

...and a few Papaya Caught

Images of papaya being harvested from a tall tree

...but is No. Three getting better -or worse?

Images of genital probem in a pig

April 14:

Area behind the Goat Pen being cleaned up

Images of tropical garden area
        during clean up

Sticks used for Climbing Plants and to deter Chickens

Images of garden hedge patches planted with sticks

Two Hungarian Beans sprouting

Images of beans sprouting in tropical

...and One House Bean

Images of bean sprouting in a tropical garden

then Rain -very soft at first

Images of very mild tropoical rain

...but harder later

Images of moderate tropical rain

Images of moderate tropical rain

Images of Chicken in the rain

Images of moderate tropical rain

....and certainly welcome!

Image of dried out tropical garden just after a short
        rain shower

April 15:

Caimito, Lemon and a Tambis seed planted in pots

Images of various fruit seeds planted
        in pots

Not Lemon -but perhaps Chilli

Images of seedlings -possibly chillie

Our Native Rooster meets the Neighbour's Kabir Hen

Images of Native Rooster with Kabir Hen

...but our Goats seem happy enough in their pens

Images of goats in a pen with fodder

...with reserves hopefully growing soon in a surrounding hedge

Images of tree curttings sprouting around goat pen to
        form a hegde

Hungarian Peas planted in various garden plots

Images of tropical garden plots
        planted with Hungarian peas

A few raindrops -but enough to refresh the plants

Images of plants in a tropical garden after a few drops
        of rain

and keep the pineapple growing

Images of pineapple growing in tropical garden

April 17:

New Trough working well -but Nipple Drinker demolished by pigs

Images of new pig trough and
        demolished nipple drinker

No. Three improving
(antibiotic is working)
Imiges of female pig's genitals

Hungarian Peas and Beans planted in wild Patch near Goat Pen

Images of wild tropical garden patch

April 20:

Sky Overcast -followed by Rain

Images of overcast tropical sky

Images of moderate tropical rain

Cactus Seedlings unveiled

Images of cacti on tropical balcony

Images of cacti seedlings in pots
Youngest are biggest!

Other cacti surviving reasonably well on balcony

Images of cacti in pots on tropical

April Showers bring April Flowers

Images of April flowers in tropical

...and more Hungarian Beans

Images of Beans sprouting in garden

Plus new chicks for Hen sitting on sacks of sawdust

Images of newly hatched chicks

April 22:

Area behind the Goat Pen finally cleared of junk

Image of cleared area in a tropical

gaps in Goat Pen Fence closed to stop goats eating young plants outside

Images of goat Pen fence

Various garden patches planted with Hungarian Beans and other Vines

Images of tropical garden plots just planted with
        various vine seeds

Two House Beans now

Images of young bean plants in tropical

April 23:

Hedge planted outside Goat Pen fence

Images of hedge planted alonside goat
        pen fence

Gas Cylinder changed

Images of gas cylinder being changed

April 24:

Prolific Cobra Vine -with flowers and seed pods

Images of Cobra Vine flowering and
        producing seed

Northern patches covered with rice hull and sawdust

Images of Tropical Garden patches covered with rice hull
        and sawdust

One Coconut patch with Rice Hulls and the other with Nothing

Images of coconut patch with rice
        hulls applied and one without

Boiling Water and Cooking with charcoal stove

Images of cboiling water with charcoal
        stove on balcony

April 26:

Another (last) pot sown with Cactus seeds

Images of cactus seedlings on tropical

Cacti on balcony Reorganized

Imagaes of cacti on tropical balcony

New ducks started laying (yesterday)

Images of Muscovy ducks in pen with
        newly laid eggs

Fattening Pen made ready for new Inmates

Images of area under tropical house
        used forfattening ducks

Tomato plants in Lemon pot transplanted to patches near Pig Pen

Images of tomato plants being transplanted

House getting tidied up for visitors in May

Images of house being cleaned ready for visitors

Underneath the House too -as protection against termites

IMages of underneath tropical house being cleaned up

April 28:

The arrival of the beds locally made for our May guests

Images of the arrival of locally made
        bamboo beds for our May guests

April 29:

Local Family bring goat for Insemination

Images of Pinoy family bringing goat
          for insemination


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