Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

May 2016:

Image of banana tree during a drought

May 01:

Waiting for Rain!

Images of tropical garden suffering
        from drought

....but some plants are managing to survive

Images of pineapple growing in a
        tropical garden during a droughjt

Images of flowers surviving a tropical

Images of Lillies growing in tropical garden during a

...and then suddenly a few drops of rain

Images of light tropical rain

May 02:

New ducks have laid more eggs and are getting ready to sit

Images of Muscovy ducks and their

May 03:

First overcast, then sunny.....

Images of tropical sky -just before
        mild rain

...and then a few drops of rain

Images of mild troopical rain

Last years Ube patch planted with Hungarian beans and other vines

Images of tropical garden patch around coconut tree

The borders of some Northern Patches have been  tidied up

Images of trapical garden patches after
        tidying up borders

May 04:

The Family arrive

Images of family visiting tropical

May 06:

Terri tidies up some eastern garden patches and plants Ube

Images of Ube patches in tropical
        garden after planting

May 16:

Birthday Meal

Images of Birthday meal with neighbours

May 17:

Back to work!

Visual link to "Holiday Visitors" web page

May 18:

Tambis is doing well

Images of Tambis tree in tropical

despite the drought

Images of drought stricken tropical garden

which varies depending on the shade

Images of shady area of tropical garden during drought

May 19:

Still no Rain

Images of reflections in a pond in a
        tropical gardem

Images of reflections in a pond in a tropical garden

May 20:

Dead duck -a victim of rape?

Images of dead duck found in tropical garden

May 22:

Damage by excited Butlig quickly repaired by local lads

Images of Pig pen being repaired

May 23:

Heavy Rain causes floods and leaks

Images of tropical rain

Images of heavy rain in tropical garden

Images of leaks in wooden house due to tropical rain

Rain provokes swarm of flying ants with tokus feeding on them

Images of a swarm of flying ants in a house being eaten
        by tokus

With two Frogs as onlookers

Images of frogs in a tropical house

May 24:

A start with tidying up the seed storage area

Images of seeds in boxes

More Rain in the Night

Images of tropical rain at night

May 25:

New cacti seedlings "unveiled" -but not very promising

Images of young cactus seedlings

...although others are not doing too badly

Images of cacti on tropical balcony

.....and the garden seems to be recovering from the drought

Images of tropical garden a few days after end of

Ducklings born Yesterday transferred to coop for safety

Images of Muscovy ducks in coop

May 26:

Pig Pen wired for electric lighting

Images of pigpen being wired for
        electric lighting

Images of Pig pen being wired for electricity

Images of Pig Pen being wired for electricity

IMages of tropical Pig Pen lit up in the evening

Another fight between Duck and Rooster

Images of duck and rooster fighting

May 27:

An explosion of white flowers

Images of white flowers in tropical

Banana tree trying to fruit

Images of banana tree starting to fruit after drought

Hopefully, the others will recover too

Images of banana trees suffereing from drought

Also more work on tidying up seed collection

Images of collection of seeds being tiedied up

May 31:

Still no signs of rain

Images of reflections in a tropical
        fish [pond

but lots of Tambis for the ducks and chickens to forage

Images of ducks and chickens foraging
        under Tambis tree

.....and plenty of ants to be removed from around light switch in kitchen

IMages of ants being removed from around light switch in
        tropical house

while garden continues to recover

Images of tropical garden recovering from drought

even producing new flowers

Images of may flowers in a tropical garden recovering
        from drought

with lots of work still to be done sorting out the seeds

Images of seed collection being sorted out


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