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This is a continually evolving website which, until now,  has dealt primarily with the continuation and development (now in java) of the work (then based on the Amiga computer system) which is documented on my  original site.  In time, it is intended to merge the two sites. However, a new area has just been added -one which is is too new to be able to describe.

This site supports "open source" systems, the pioneering tradition of the artist/programmer and the pattern based and divinational aspects of non-western art.

With thanks to all my friends -who have helped to make the work possible -and all my  opponents who have also contributed through their opposition. In Europe the work was forged on the anvil of conflict -hopefully in Asia a more balanced developmental dialogue will now be possible.

Please Note:
The texts on this website are "Formal Systems" -which in my terminology means that they represent conceptual structures which play the "IF this was true -THEN...." game. There is no reason to assume that any of them are true.... they merely attempt to clarify and explore the possible consequences of things that are concievable and might be worth exploring to see how closely these (imagined) conceptual structures might possibly relate to our daily world of experience. They are intended to be useful for those who like thinking about "how things might work".... They are not intended to impose anything on anybody -or to upset anybody. My apologies to anybody who might be offended by these speculations.

The java programmes are perhaps philosophically slightly more complex -because they represent dynamic representations of various "formal systems" -which may not be true -or even exist outside the programme. I'll leave it to the reader to decide how to deal with representational systems that apparently function but might be representative of a system that does not exist outside its own representation.....


With thanks to Shaun O'Neil at DMA for the web services
With thanks to Fatima Lasay at for her inspiring thoughts and critical comments.

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