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Cross Media Mapping -A Visual Report

A research project at the Institute of Sonology, Utrecht
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          Report" (.pdf)

A compendium from other documents
visually illustrating the basic principles of

Cross Media Mapping

complied (on overhead transparencies)
Amsterdam, October 1987
Scanned (.pdf)
Baclayon, November 2015

-England: First Computer Art Experiments
1967 -1972)
-Utrecht: The Search for More
early Cognitive Mapping theories)
-More Bits
Back to the Digital Computer)
-Towards a Nexus of Image Strategies
-Practice Translated into Theory
Ontological Generation within a Nexus of Translations)
-Towards a Practical Art Pedagogy

The Background

Some of this work at the Institute of Sonology was done in the analogue studio.

 This work has been documented here
Visual link to documentation of audio-visual work done in
          the analogue studio

In the above work there is a fundamental asymmetry between sound and image:

A basic "Sound Generator" can be created by a simple oscillator
-but what would be the equivalent "Image Generator"?

A more recent digitally simulated study for a video based Image Generator
Visual link to Java programmes

There is also a semantic problem:
What is an "Image"?
An image of what?

This question is tackled here
Visual link to "Introduction Cross Media
          Mapping" lecture

Correctly Mapped Page Image from above .pdf fileTrevor Batten
                                                                                                                 <trevor at>      
                                                                                           Baclayon, November 2015

Pedagogical Texts

Project Klee

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