Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

August 2016:

Images of sinkemas flowers

August  01:

several Bean Plants starting to Fruit

Images of beans growing in tropical

Chicken caught Red Handed in Newly Sown Area

Images of chicken looking for seeds

August  02:

Four Piglets find New Homes

Images of piglets being taken away by
        new owners

Four Tropical backyard piglets get new owners

One Piglet has a Hernia: Hopefully never as big as his Dad's

Images of Pig and piglet with Hernia

Seeds planted a few days ago are starting to sprout

Images of youg seedlings in tropical backyard

Sesame plants flowering and fruiting

Images of sesame plants flowering

.....and some free seeds from the Provincial Government

Images of free seeds from Bohol Provinicial Agricultural

August  03:

Back to Normal in the Pig Pen

Images of tropical backyard pigs

...and in the plant beds too

Images of recently planted seeds sprouting

August  04:

Another lazy Day

Images of tropical backyard pigs

...but not for the grasshopper

Images of a grasshopper on a banana leaf

August  10:

The Northern Jungle is Back

Images of tropical garden

With Various Beans, Citrus and other Crops

Images of crops growing in tropical garden

The Southern Jungle is more Restrained

Images of Tropical Garden

with some Crops sprouting

Images of seeds sprouting in tropical garden

Some devastated by Chickens

Images of seeded areas dug up by chickens

and Some Protected

Images of wire meshes protecting seedlings from chickens
        in tropical garden

August  11:

Penny's patch is doing well

Images of tropical garden patch -with
        horizontal trellis for gourds

Sesame plants still flowering and producing seeds

Images of Sesame plants blooming

Peppers, Talinum, Saluyot and Sinkemas blooming too

Images of various vegetable plants flowering in tropical

August  12:

Escaped piglet returns and is recaptured

Images of escaped piglet returning and
        being recaptured

Second piglet is taken too

Images of piglet being captured

...and the remaining two are for us

Images of sow with two piglets

August  13:

Butlig's tumour is getting very large -but he is still fairly active

Images of Boar with umbilical hernia
        and tumours

Coconut frond falls on outside kitchen

Images of coconut frond fallen on outhouse

...and is chopped up for Pig fodder and bedding

Images of Coconut frond chopped up and used as pig
        fodder and bedding

Bamboo Trimmings are also used as Pig fodder

Images of pigs eating bamboo

used as garden stakes

Images of bamboo garden stakes

or Composted

Images of bamboo being composted under coconut tree

August  15:

Developing the fringe area behind the Goat Pen

Images of tropical garden patch under development

Around the Duck Pond

Images of tropical garden area being developed around
        duck pond

...And next to the Pig Pen

Images of tropical garden patch next to the pig pens

August  16:

Penny's Pig has a nice new home

Images of tied piglet with free range
        area in tropical backyard

....but the others less so

Images of piglets in a small concrete pen

August  17:

A friend brings some new types of fish to add to our Tilapia pond

Images of fish being put into pond in tropical backyard

Garden drying out

Images of dry tropical garden

so given a good watering today

Images of tropical garden after watering

August  21:

Cat chasing Snake in Penny's Patch

Images ofcat chasing snake in tropical
        garden patch

August  22:

Penny's Ampalya is coming along nicely

Images of Bitter gourd growing in
        tropical garden

But Pig pens need Repairing

Images of tropical backyard pig pens damaged by pigs

Some Hungarian Peas are sprouting in a cool part of the Garden

Images of seeds sprouting in cool part of a tropical

Garden drying out and needed watering again

Images of dry tropical garden being

Although some Pineapple plants seem to be rotting -or were attacked by chickens

Images of healthy and unhealthy pineapple plants

August  23:

Pig Pens Repaired

Images of tropical backyard pig pens
        being repaired

August  25:

Getting better or worse?

Images of boar with hernia and tumour

Still no Rain

Images of tropical garden being

August  31:

A Dry August

Images of dry tropical garden in
        August 2016


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