Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

November 2016:

Image of sunlight shining through
        tropical baccony fence

November  02:

Garden Rainforest Panorama

Panoramic view of tropical garden

Panorama of tropical garden

Panoramic images of tropical garden

Panoramic Images of tropical garden

  Preparing Area for new Pig Pens

Images of tropical backyard area designated for pig

Turmeric Plants Relocated

Images of transplanted turmeric

November  04:

Collected Sinkemas Seeds

Images of Sinkemas seeds

Mesh for Pig Pen has Arrived

Images of steel matting

Small, Big, Enormous Patola!

Images of small and large Patola

November  05:

Bamboo for pig pen has arrived

Images of cut bamboo

Hedges and Paths Trimmed...

Images of trimmed hedges and paths in
        tropical garden

....and Goats Fed

Images of goats feeding from wheelbarrow in tropical

Daylight Rain provides chance to test Drainage Channels

Images of drainage channel for rain run-off in tropical

Images of run offf in tropical backyard

Images of drainage channels in tropical backyard

Run-off from Pig Pen causing flood in Goat/Piglet Pen

Images of flooding in tropical backyard animal pen

November  06:

Escaped Pig lured Home with Food

Images of escaped tropical backyard pig lured home with

Spare bit of Steel Matting used to repair Pig Pen

Images of steel matting used to repair tropical backyard
        pig pen

Drainage Channels Repaired

Images of drainage channels along tropical backyard pig

Garden Patch Trimmed

Images of garden patch before and after trimming

.....and Replanted

Images of garden triimmings replanted around pig pen

November  07:

More Chicks born Today

Images of new born chicks in tropical

November  10:

Laying Chair

Images of eggs laid in a reading chair
        on a tropical balcony

November  11:

New Chicks doing well

Images of young chicks with mother in
        tropical backyard

November  12:

Piglets and Goats Escaped from Pen

Images of piglets and goats escaped
        from pen in tropical backyard

Easily caught -or lured home with food....

Images of piglets and goats in a tropical backyard pen

...and Gate Repaired

Images of repaired gate

.....but the Piglets repeat the process Again!

Images of escaped pigs returened to pen in tropical

November  18:

Another Night-time Visitor

Images of Praying Mantis on a bed

New Duck Coop Under Construction

Images of Duck/chicken coop under construction

...and Old Duck Pens being Renovated

Images of duck pens being renovated
        under house in tropical backyard

November  19:

Duck Coop Construction Continues

Image of duck pen under construction
        on tropical balcony

...and the hen starts sitting

Images of hen sitting on eggs in tropical balcony chair

November  20:

More Construction Work Today...

Images of duck coop under construction
        on tropical balcony

November  22:

Repairing the Pig Pens

Images of tropical backyard pig pens
        being repaired

...and continuing work on the Duck Coop

Images of duck coop under construction on tropical

November  23:

Today too....

Images of duck coop under construction
        on tropical balcony

November  24:

Despite Fallen Papaya tree -Penny's patch is very prolific

Images of prolific tropical garden

.....and a bit more work done on the duck coop

Images of duck coop under construction on tropical

November  27:

Finally Finished!

Images of duck coop being constructed
        on tropical balcony

November  29:

Fallen branch from Lanka tree almost cleared up

Images of branch fallen from a Lanka

....and fed to animals

Images of tropical backyard animals eating lanka leaves

Heavy Rain in the Afternoon -but drainage seems to be working

Images of tropical rain

Images of rain in tropical backyard

November 30:

Heavy Rain again Today

Images of tropical rain

Improvements made to drainage -after flooding in pen

Images of drainage improvements around tropical backyard
        pig pen

Fallen branch used as composting border for garden tree patch

Images of fallen branch used as border for garden tree

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