Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

October 2016:

Images of Cocoa beans growing on the

October  01:

More Paths tidied up

Images of tidy garden paths between
        tropical garden patches

Some Turmeric Thinned out and Replanted

Images of Turmeric growing in tropical
        backyard garden

Area devastated by chickens resown -and protected by wire mesh

Images of recently sowed areas in tropical garden

October  02:

Rain in the Late Afternoon

Images of Rain in tropical garden

October  03:

Patola (Luffa) picked -but more on the way

Images of edible luffa

Passion Fruit starting to fruit

Images of Passion Fruit fruiting

October  05:

Recently sown seeds starting to sprout

Images of recently sowed seeds
        sprouting in tropical garden

Four more chicks born today

Images of newly born chicks in tropical bacyard garden

Waterlilies growing in Reservoir

Images of Waterlilies growing in tropical backyard

October  06:

Piglets escaped -but lead by the food bucket back home

Images of piglets, escaped and back in
        the pen

Damage by Piglets repaired

Images of reparired garden borders
        after damage by escaped piglets

More Improvements to area behind Goat Pen

Images of recently tidied up patches in tropical
        backyard garden

October  08:

A Drop of Rain to help the Garden Grow

Images of light rain in tropical
        backyard garden

October  09:

Pig prevented from eating her way to freedom

Images of Pig being prevented from
        eating pen doorway

Two of the three pigs should be around 1 month pregnant -but too early to see
(No.One, in the  middle,  has regained her figure but should loose it again soon)
Images of pigs in tropical backyard pens

Tidy and Untidy Borders

Images of tidy and untidy borders in tropical backyard

October  10:

Heavy Rain in the Night

Images of heavy night time tropical

Overcast Morning

Images of overcast tropical morning

Sunny Afternoon -Ideal for Planting

Images of tropical backyard in the sun

  Another Escape Attempt Thwarted

Images of a pig pen repaired after escape attempt

Only three chicks left today

Images of hen with chicks

Rain Again in the Evening

Images of tropical rain

October  13:

Penny clears an unproductive patch for replanting

Images of tropical garden patch being
        cleared for replanting

Under-developed Hedge area used for composting refuse from Patch

Images of under-develope hedge area in tropical garden

Butlig'[s Grave already showing signs of Subsidence

Images of subsidence on a Boar's grave in a tropical

Collecting stones to fill holes dug by pigs in their pens

Images of stones being used to fill up holes dug by pigs
        in tropical backyard pen

Organic Material as well as Stones used to fill large hole by pig's Trough

Images of organic materisal and stones being used to
        fill holes dug by pig in tropical backyard pen

...and then Heavy Rain

Ijmages of heavy tropical rain

and Flooding

Images of flooding around tropical backyard pig pen

So several emergency drainage channels need to be dug

Images mof emergency drinage channels to stop flooding
        in tropical garden

Images of emnergency drainage channel to prevent
        flooding in tropcal garden

Images of emergency drainage channel to prevent flooding
        in tropical garden

Meanwhile, Penny's new Patch is progressing nicely

Images of tropical garden patch being cleaned for

October  14:

A nighttime visitor

Images of a Toku in a bamboo and wood

Penny has a huge Patola growing in her patch

Images of large patola growing in tropical garden

Trying to fill the hole in the third (and last) pig pen

Images of attempt to fill muddy hole in tropica
        lbackyard pig pen
We tried putting another pig in, to keep each other company, but they started fighting

Only two Chicks left

Images of tropical backyard hen with two chicks

October  15:

Piglet Pens starting to dry out naturally

Images of tropical backyard piglet

Area behind piglet/goat pen is loamy and porous

Images of area around tropical backyard goat pen

Extra Drainage Channel dug in front of Pig pen

Image of emergency draining ditch near tropical backyard

Pigs, Mud and Digging -That's Life!

Images of tropical backyard pigpens

  Temporary Repair to Pig Pen

Images of temporary repair to tropical backyard pig pen

Perhaps Too Temporary -Maybe Wire Helps

Image of slightly less temporary repair to tropical
        backyard pig pen

....Relaxing -After a hard day's digging and eating

Images of tropical backyard pigs

October  18:

Various Beans ripening among the Other Vines

Images of beans growing in tropical

October  25:

A Python visits our bathroom in the night

Images of Python in tropical bathroom

October  26:

The Piglet that thinks he's a Goat -and the one that Doesn't....

Images of piglets and goats in
        tropical backyard

Bamboo trimmed -for  stakes and fodder....

Images of bamboo in tropical backyard

......for pigs and goats

Images of pigs and goats eating bamboo in tropical

October  29:

Rain, Rain......

Images of rain in tropical garden

....and More Rain

Images of rain in tropical garden

October  30:

Pig Pens turning into a Quagmire again

Images of muddy pig pens in tropical

Piglets Food and Water Bowls have excess mud removed

Images of piglets water and food bowls
        being cleaned

Improvements to Drainage Canals

Images of improved drainage channels in tropical

.....and Rain to Test them

Images of run-off in tropical backyard drainage

October  31:

The Tire is already quite muddy -but the Bowl is still fairly clean

Images of tropical backyard piglets

Trimming Hedge and Feeding Goats

Images of trimming hedge and feeding

Hedge around Pig Pen still struggling to survive

Images of hedge around pig pen in tropical backyard

Drainage Channels seem tom be working, mud not getting worse, despite recent rain

Images of mud in tropical backyard pig pens

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